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Very very nice I went inter railing all over Europe in 88 in something like that :tumbsup:


Yeah I used to get the sleeper from Paris to Nice in that, although in recent years the carriages have been repainted into the blue Lunea livery. They used to be dodgy trains those... one time we were lucky not to get robbed, loads of people in our carriage were reporting stuff missing. I think police said some people got on at Lyon and took all the stuff. They weren't very comfortable... I never did get to sleep in a Wagon Lits :(

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Thanks mate! Looks like TEE coaches. Joeuf?


Yep all Joeuf. I sort of went into a phase of continental european modeling (mostly French but some German as well) but then quickly went back to Irish stuff as new Irish models were being released!

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I've only recently started modelling Irish railways. I was like you ex in collecting continental models but put a big emphasis on SNCF models as I started to develop a big interest in French railways. But you're right, with all the new releases, it's hard not to go back to Irish Modelling!

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