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  1. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  2. I would love to say yes but unfortunately to change all my stock and layout would be to much work and expense. Also I wouldn’t be able to run my English stock on 21mm track.
  3. Warb your work is an absolute master class in model building. I’m looking forward to seeing more instalments of this fabulous layout.
  4. Eamonn don’t forget to bless yourself before you start praying to me.
  5. Thanks guys it’s always appreciated when my weathering gets such great comments. Noel can’t wait to see the weathering job you do on this. You have to be one of the best around now at weathering. Keep up the great work.
  6. Fantastic news on the release of the two Dublin Buses. Just ordered my two.
  7. Noel if you need any advice on how to weather your spoil wagons. I’m only a phone call away.
  8. He phoned me 5mins ago. He's not very happy that people have posted that he has passed.
  9. I've used Modeltorque on a few of my Limas. I've had no issues running them on DCC
  10. Absoutly fantastic workmanship there David that is one of the best builds I've seen in along time. If Carlsberg did builds you'd be the man. Your one lucky guy jhb
  11. I have the same problem only it's my iPad I have to resign every time
  12. Thanks for all your comments guys I'm glad you enjoyed the videos.
  13. Fitted a sound decoder to Merlin and lights. Enjoy the videos. [video=youtube;U-gaeW903kI]
  14. Europe always gets it own way. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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