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Luas Cross City Project

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Hi guys


Will it be possible to move stock from Luas Green to Luas Red line?


Just wondering about the new Luas project. Obviously the new line, which is is an extention of the Green line, has to cross the red line at O'Connell Street/Abbey Street. This I assume will be a straight forward, 90 degree crossing at O'Connell Street, where the single north bound line crosses, and again at Marlborough Street, where the single south bound line crosses. So I'm just wondering is there any provision to move stock from the Red line to the Green line and vise versa? Or are the 2 lines still going to be seperate? As space is at a premium in this area, the only place I could see this being possible would be a right hand facing point from the single O'Connell Street line, around on to Abbey Street. Might not be a business case for this provision. Any thoughts?

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Yes Dave, it will be possible. There is to be a connection from the line in O'Connell St to the westbound line in Middle Abbey St and also there is to be a connection from the westbound line in Lower Abbey St to the line in Marlborough St. So a tram travelling from the Green Line to the Red Cow will travel northwards across O'Connell Bridge and into O'Connell St, then take the left-hand turnout to access te Red Line and follow this to the Red Cow. In the reverse direction it is slightly more complicated - the tram will travel east along the Red Line in the normal way as far as Lower Abbey St, here it will use the crossover to get on to the westbound line, it will then reverse along the westbound line a short distance before taking the left-hand turnout into Marlbouough St. These connections will only be available for non-passenger operations.

Luas BXD.jpg

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