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Bachmann E Z mate knuckle couplers

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Does anyone have experience with these.


My HO union pacific has them and although i was offered the service to convert them to hornby style due to all my rolling stock being hornby couplers. i don't really want t remove the knuckles as i really like the look of them.


so im thinking maybe change a couple of rolling stock couplers to these instead.


Are they easy to disengage once attached?

do they simply just bump wagon to attach?

are there easy/auto uncouplers to get for them?


any thoughts would be appreciated.




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Danny, I use eze mates with Kaydees with no problems, some people say they do not mate well but that is not my experience.

I use a pointed stick, like a long toothpick to uncouple. Just push up the loco against the train to get some slack, put the stick between the coupler faces to open the jaw and drive away. Coupling is just a gentle buffering up.

The only long term problem may be that the eze-mate is a delrin type plastic that may fatigue over time. I shall just substitute a Kaydee.


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