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UTA Railcars No. 6 & 7

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After the AEC Railcars the UTA developed their own version in the form of Railcar No. 6 & 7 which became the forerunners of the MED’s, see Colm Flanagan’s excellent book ‘Diesel Dawn’ which denotes a chapter to their development.


Allen Doherty (Worsley Works) has agreed to do etches for these Railcars but is hampered by the lack of clear photographs which gave the detail he requires, the drawing in existence is quite basic.


I’ve had some help in this regard but need photographs showing a side view of the Railcars with the valances still attached because as time went on these were discarded.


Any clear photographs would be most appreciated.

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Sounds good Kieran,look forward to their release,their demise was unfortunate. Sorry can't help with any photos, I have trawled through all my books but other than the small one on page 66 of Diesel Dawn,all the other photos are without the valance. I assume you have tried Colm for other material? A number of years ago I bought some great black and white railcar photos from I think, the Co Down trust, don't know if they are still around,but quite close to home for you to make enquiries if they are and if they can help

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