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  1. Hunslet 102

    Hunslet 102

  2. Certainly not the way to do things,especially when you are a seller at the shows,it could have an impact on your own sales and reputation. Personally, it has left me disillusioned,so much so that with his involvement with the other site members doing the RTR freight wagons,who I know are not responsible for his individual transactions, I have held off from investing,once bitten,twice shy.
  3. I don't normally wash my dirty laundry in public,but I have been waiting on a build for 2 1/2 years with many reasons and broken promises made in that time. This year alone I was promised delivery of the build to the Glasgow show in Feb,with a member of the MRSI bringing it with them and when this did not happen I was then promised delivery to the Bangor show,via yourself Mr Wrenneire,which of course you knew nothing about. Finally the parts were parcelled and ready to be posted last month,again...
  4. Jeepers Noel,keep posting up shots like that and we will all be converting to BR blue and N!!
  5. Absolutely top notch Noel,HST looks mega and the curve of the backscene is brilliant.
  6. Great video Kieran,great to see some NIR operations,nice collection of stock
  7. Nice one John,had to include the establishment that taught me all I know!!
  8. Lovely looking layout Noel,congrats on your purchase,enjoy it!
  9. The following photo's were taken in 1968 and show the last working days of the trolleybus system in Belfast,which was the biggest system outside of London. A BUT trolleybus destined for Bloomfield and a Sunbeam trolleybus heading to Ormeau can be seen in the turning circle outside the school.
  10. Lovely build Kieran,your steam fleet must be catching up with your diesel fleet!
  11. lovely modelling Raymond,the layout is really coming to life,well done
  12. Nice one Noel,you need a big MPD to display that large fleet of yours. My friend has those type of lights on his layout,they are mega. Tara Junction 2 is taking shape nicely
  13. Nice work Raymond,the whole scene is so realistic and typical Irish
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