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Exact templates for CIE "Flying Snail" and "Broken Wheel" emblems

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Note that on the sides of steam loco tenders, and occasionally (but not always) AEC power cars, the snail was sometimes reversed to face front. Not on wagons, diesel locos, coaches or anything else.




The Bachmann coaches with snails have them far too big. I'll try to get exact dimensions - my own original one has found a new home!


On wagons, after about 1959, snails were stencilled rather than painted on.






Snails: On buses, carriages and steam locos of grey, green or black - eau de nil lined gold. Never white. After 1955, sometimes unlined on coaches.


On wagons, light green or white between 1945 and early to mid 50s, then white. The white weathered so very quickly to a dirty off-white, that a model with a clean white one actually looks odd!


Broken Wheel: white lettering, surrounded tan on diesel locomotives - never all white. On AEC power cars, white letting surrounded with black. On wagons, generally white letters with tan surrounds on grey wagons, but when they we painted brown, always all-white. Occasionally, but not often, an all-white one appeared on grey wagons, especially guards vans. I never saw an "H" van in grey with an all white logo.

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