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Railway books for sale

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Four hard to find railway books!!!



Stephen Johnson, Locomotives & railcars of Bord na Móna (Midland Publishing, 1996), 48 pages. Contains detailed listing of Bord na Móna's fleet and includes black and white photos; colour photos on inside covers. Unopened, unused, and in mint condition, with no marks etc. Price €20 (including P&P in Ireland).

2016-01-22 11.51.27.jpg




Oliver Doyle & Stephen Hirsch, Railway lines of Córas Iompair Éireann and Northern Ireland Railways (Signal Press Malahide, 1985), 124 pages. Details all Irish railway lines, including details of stations, halts, level crossings etc., black and white photographs, and a map of the Irish rail network in 1985. Unopened, unused, and in mint condition, with no marks etc. Price €22 (including P&P in Ireland).

2016-01-22 11.52.24.jpg




Stephen Johnston, Johnson's atlas & gazetteer of the railways of Ireland (Midland Publishing, 1997), 159 pages. Good to very good condition. Owner's name on first page in ink. The odd annotation in ink; but does not detract from the information or the quality of the book. Some relevant newspaper clippings inside. Contains 34 separate maps, and which shows all railway stations, halts and level crossings etc. which have ever existed, even if now removed, demolished, or unidentifiable. Also, text details of all lines. The most detailed book on Ireland's rail network. Price €40 (including P&P in Ireland).


2016-01-22 12.08.25.jpg



R.V.J. Butt, The directory of railway stations (Ireland and Britain). Very good condition. Some relevant newspaper clippings included; two stapled to the relevant pages. Contains some annotations in ink on the first few pages, and owners name on first page. Five copies of this book currently available on abebooks.com, at prices from $145-$369.49!!! Price €110 (including P&P in Ireland).


2016-01-22 12.06.48.jpg



Want the lot? First to email/message with €160 (includes P&P in Ireland) gets all four books.


I have many more railway books for sale; email redcapbooks@gmail.com or message me for a full listing.

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Ok - so the following are sale agreed:

* Bord na Mona

* CIE and NI railway system

* Johnson's Railway atlas.


Only Butt's Directory remains at the moment. It's expensive, but as noted in the initial post, this is the cheapest price that is available online; I would be interested to see if anybody could identify a good copy anywhere else at even near to this price.


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