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Butt's Directory of Railway Stations

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R.V.J. Butt, The directory of railway stations (Ireland and Britain). Very good condition. Some relevant newspaper clippings included; two stapled to the relevant pages. Contains some annotations in ink on the first few pages (I think on 4 pages only), and owners name on first page. Five copies of this book currently available on abebooks.com, at prices from $145-$221.26!!! Price here: €100 (including P&P in Ireland; international postage extra). You won't get it cheaper than that now. Paypal the preferred option.


Message me or email RedCapBooks@gmail.com. Like my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011114911192) to keep in touch. I am posting some interesting photos of books and historical items there every day.


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Hi Noel,


Sorry; no it does not. It is a directory, so contains information about the opening/closing/modification of all stations in Ireland and UK. See photos for the type of information it contains in its 295 pages. It would be more useful to the railway historian perhaps? It is mostly text but with photos of some stations (mostly UK ones) and tickets.




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2016-01-27 15.34.22 (Brian-Toshiba's conflicted copy 2016-01-27).jpg

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