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Actual examples of GSR maroon and 1945-55 era CIE green (the earlier, darker version)

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The green shown here was applied by CIE to:


1. Station building woodwork, footbridges and water tanks

2. Many main line and many suburban tank locos from about 1949-end of steam

3. Horse boxes 1945 onwards

4. Passenger carriages 1945-55 (lighter shade from the to the advent of B'n'T in 1962)






Whether upside down or the right way up, coincidentally it's EXACTLY the same shade. Next, we see badly faded GSR maroon poking through underneath. The bits of lighter green to be seen among it all is undercoat, but coincidentally isn't a million miles off the "eau de nil".




Finally, the best example I've ever seen of pristine EARLY (1925-33) GSR maroon. LMS shade was to follow from 1933 to the advent of CIE in 1945.




The brown and cream GSR livery overlapped these two shades and was only applied to main line stock between about 1929 and the mid 30s.


These examples were taken this afternoon from an old GSWR six wheel grounded body in a field. Due to being on private property I am not at liberty to say where. But it's in Ireland!!!


The coach, plus two others, have been used as holiday homes in the past but are now derelict. I am trying to identify which carriage numbers they are. All three are six-wheelers of GSWR origin and judging by the design features would be of 1878-92 period. They appear to have been sold off by CIE in the early 1950s.

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