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Model railway items (parts from three sets)

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You get everything that you see in the photos. Flying Scotsman (Hornby), Lima SNCF loco (bought in Italy) and the red Canadian loco, 3 coaches for the Flying Scotsman, a coach for the Lima and a goods wagon for the Canadian. Battery box for Lima, power block for Hornby. Some track from the three sets, some straight track and a junction piece, viaduct supports (one or two missing), damaged track etc. (see photos). I can't say what works and what does not. All I can say is that the last time (6 months ago) these were set up the Lima and the Canadian locos (which has a cool headlight) worked. The FS worked too, but was very slow going around the track. Since then, however, you can see that the front set of wheels have become detached from the FS loco, and a spring has popped out. I cannot guarantee that any of these locos work now, but all 3 worked until relatively recently, and my guess would be that the Canadian and Lima will work straight off. The FS will need a bit of work, but I expect it is a relatively easy fix for somebody with some skill with these locos (but I can't guarantee that). (Horsetan suggests a simple screw fix).


€180 cash for all of this if collecting; €200 if posting to Ireland. More to post abroad. PM if interested. More photos below this message. Email me (northwicklowbooks@gmail.com) or PM if interested...


Cash or paypal is preferred.


The first photo, below, shows everything.


2016-03-23 11.36.22.jpg

2016-03-23 11.34.32.jpg

2016-03-23 11.34.39.jpg

2016-03-23 11.34.49.jpg

2016-03-23 11.34.55.jpg

2016-03-23 11.35.01.jpg

2016-03-23 11.35.14.jpg

2016-03-23 11.35.20.jpg

2016-03-23 11.35.29.jpg

2016-03-23 11.35.35.jpg

2016-03-23 11.35.41.jpg

2016-03-23 11.35.45.jpg

2016-03-23 11.35.54.jpg

2016-03-23 11.36.06.jpg

2016-03-23 11.36.13.jpg

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Horsetan's helpful reply...
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The detached front bogie on the Flying Scotsman is literally just a matter of a shouldered brass screw (8BA, I think), and it should be possible to buy one from a spares specialist like Peter's Spares. For avoidance of doubt, this is the tender-drive Scotsman in its original right-hand-drive A1 form, produced in the old Margate factory. The Ringfield motor is shared with the A4 of the same generation.


The Gresley coaches weren't bad for their day - certainly the first time a "teak" finish had been tried on a mass-produced plastic coach. There's a mad fella - Graeme King - on the LNER Forum who stumbled across the idea of converting them into the earlier Howlden-design clerestories, and did a grand job of them.


The Lima HO diesel shunter is a freelance design - I remember having one as a kid. For a shunter, it wasn't very good at crawling speed. Although made in Italy, it bears the emblem of the French SNCF (as does the coach), just one of a number of different badges they turned the poor thing out in over the years.

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Thanks Horsetan for the comments. Yes; the FS was driven by the tender. And yes; I expect all that is required is a simple screw to reattach the front bogie on the loco. The detail on the Hornby is very good; top quality. I'm only going on memory, but I thought that little Lima was nippy enough (but I bow to your greater knowledge on that one). Much appreciated...

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