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Selling Job Lot of Vintage Irish and EU trains for cheap. (Inc. CIE + Intercity)

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Hello everyone! I'm getting into newer model trains now which means i want to sell off my vintage collection for cheap to raise the money quickly


All of this is located in Kilkenny. You can contact me here: 0861962380. E370 FOR THE LOT. WILL SELL SEPERATELY Here's the list of models I'm selling:

  • Restaurant Car - W9572 (20euro seperate)
  • Triang R23 (E8 Sep.)
  • 2 Misc Jouef Carriages (E20 for both)
  • British Railways - E15770 (E12 SEP.)
  • Transcontinental Express 3606 (Rare) (E30 sep.)
  • (Reserved) 2 x Intercity Carriage M12004 (Note: One carriage is missing a front axle hence price) (E15 each SEP.)
  • (Reserved)Intercity Carriage W40301 (E15 SEP.)
  • (Reserved) SNCF Carriage - Not marked (E10 sep.)
  • SFN Carriage - CC7607 (E10 SEP.)
  • (Reserved)3 x CIE Train Carriages. Highly collectible. (Note: One carriage is missing front axle hence very cheap price.) (E200 sep.)


Also included in the E370 are 10 unique scenery items (all worn but usable), Model freight inc. 17 attachable freight items with hitches with brands such as Shell, Carlsberg, Lyon's Tea etc. Also included are 10 small shipping crates as well as the track below:


Track: About 100 unique pieces of track for any collector who wants to maintain their own tracks, included as track pieces are 7 switches for model trains. That's it all, all for E370 :tumbsup:


The pictures can be seen here: http://www.donedeal.ie/for-sale/hobbies/3612866 I didn't want to spam this site with them :D Contact me if you have any questions.

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Hi I'll take the Jouef what condition are they in

There are 2 individual carriages. The first one is a restaurant carriage which is metal and in fair condition, all parts still there. The condition you'd expect it to be in after 30 years and then there is a plastic jouef passenger carriage in the same condition. They aren't related but make good individual pieces. :)

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