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4th project announced?

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I see 4th project announced on IRM, but not saying what is yet


Hi Jim, we are indeed working on project 4 (and project 5, 6 and 7 are also underway with other irons in the fire!) but we want to get them to a certain level before announcing them to the public so you guys have less waiting time before delivery. At the moment we have the ballasts in production, bubbles to get made and the tooling for the Tara's is currently being cut. It's a busy time for us on top of our day jobs but things are now moving at a swifter pace since we went directly to a factory in China.


Also, some of the projects above may get dropped out of the sky, no announcement until they're on the high seas. Keep an eye on the site for updates folks. You never know what news you may find out of the blue in the coming weeks and months :)

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