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Suitable Donors for CIE MK1 BSGV

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could anyone suggest suitable donors for CIE MK1 BSGV, where their actual exterior differences between the original BR BCK and BSK that translated into differences in the CIE van. I see there are Backmann and Lima versions , I beleive , are any better then others


Were the conversions equal on each side , i.e. dod on aside look a mirror of the others, Ive search the photos but hard to reach a conclusion


and are there are drawings about that show the basic outline


thanks again for this forum , its a fantastic resource


hope to see you all at the Wexford easter show ! , yours truly is roped in to operate a few layouts

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Having done some research into BGSVs for my own conversion, the BSK seems to be the easiest and most consistent conversion.


According to the BR drawing, the BSK sides are a mirror image of each other, except for the toilet window at the passenger compartment end. There is only a blank panel on the opposite side of the coach.




The BGSV conversion is the same on both sides. Starting at the toilet end, the vestibule door and toilet window are blanked. The second compartment window is converted into a double door. The fourth compartment window is converted into a grille. The centre vestibule door, next to the fourth compartment, is blanked, and, the last set of double doors is blanked.


The picture shows quite clearly the doors that have been blanked.




Mk 1 BSKs are readily available on the secondhand market from Hornby and Lima. New BSKs are available from Hornby and Bachmann.

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