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Speaker for 141

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Hi all,

I was in contact with Robert at Belfast Model Shop this morning, I was looking to purchase the sound chip and bass reflex speaker used in the 141/181 class, while Robert had the sound chip he had no speaker. Just wondering would anyone out there have a suitable speaker for sale. Going on the hols to sunny Wexford at the weekend and Enniscorthy Man (thanks Eamonn), had kindly offered to fit same to loco while I was down in the South East. Many thanks.


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Thanks Anthony,

I was trying to have them both before Sunday as will be down in Eamonn's country and he was going to throw them in for me. I may put it back on the long finger as I would not attempt installing these in a 141. They also had no 201 sound chips in Belf or I would have got one of them - I believe they are easier job to manage? I might just put it on hold and order a chopper from Seamus - he still has that one in BR blue for 135e with free postage. Great sounding machines and would go well with my lone sulzer. This I might add is being finance by the wife! The Hattons 57 appears to be gone off the website.


P.s. the Class 57 with dcc sound in Freightliner is back on Hattons at 119stl.

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