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  1. Thanks for that Snapper. Hopefully in the Spring then.
  2. Hi all, Wonder would anyone out there like to hazard a guess on when we might see Locomotive 131 in Dublin? Can't wait to get a few shots of her when she comes south. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Great stuff, thanks so much Snapper.
  4. Hi all, A reliable source in the railway fraternity informs me that Merlin is due back in Connolly very soon to replace the 'jeep' for the Halloween Specials. If anyone out there would have any information relating to the time the transfers are due to take place an avid steam buff would be greatly Appreciative. Thanks in advance for any info.
  5. Hi everyone, Just a quick queastion - Would anyone know how many carvens will be huled by No. 85 on the Sea Breeze on July 7th? Many Thanks, Jordan and Tommy
  6. Hi Snapper, Many thanks for your asnwers for the trip. Regards, Tommy and Jordan
  7. Hi Everyone, Many thanks for your help and advice over the last while. I hope you don't mind but my friend has another two queastions? Is there a time for when No. 85 is due up Bray Head? on the Dublin Riviara and is the special still going chimney first to Wicklow? Many Thanks, Kind Regards, Tommy and Jordan
  8. Hi, Sorry to bother you all but my steam mad friend has been asking me will No. 85 be turned for the Dublin Rivera? And what engine will be pulling the Sea Breeze in July? 4 or 85 Many Thanks Kind regards Jordan and Tommy
  9. Sorry to be a pest ... But will No. 85 "Merlin" be wearing the big red and white "Sea Breeze" head board the one it wore in August last? Many Thanks Jordan and Tommy
  10. Hi, Would anyone know if No.85 "Merlin" will use the Rosslare turntable on the Sea Breeze on May 26th? Kind regards Jordan and Tommy
  11. Hi all, I am writing on behalf of a friend who is going to build the SSM Merlin kit. I was just wondering would anyone on the IRM who has experience of building this kit like to offer any tips or suggestions to a novice builder. Any advice (photos) etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Tommy.
  12. I'm not cloaking anything just giving a personal opinion and observation, that's something that seems to be getting harder to do on here when people's personal views and opinions are criticised by 'experts' who seem to feel they can speak for everyone else on realism and accuracy on model railways in Ireland. There might have been those who strove for more accuracy in their modelling of Irish railways in that period but for the majority of mere mortals it was repaints of BR rtr products and I for one was happy to have a couple of them at the time.
  13. Some of the older members will remember the wonderful shop of Owens on Bray Main St. In his day he stocked a nice few bits for railway modellers at a time when life was much simpler and modellers were not so discerning or spoilt for choice, and when, if you had an orange and black cl 33 you thought you were the bees knees. http://www.greystonesguide.ie/bray-a-history/
  14. It is very fortunate that many IE staff members have a passion and appreciation for the railways and rolling stock, they are not just running a day-to-day transport business but they are also actively supporting and promoting railway history and heritage in Ireland. Well done to all involved for turning out 073 in such magnificent condition. Arguably one of the best GM loco types to run in Ireland or indeed in Europe, for power, reliability and availabiltiy you would have to search hard to find a better loco than the 071s. That livery looks absolutely superb and thanks again for reproducing i
  15. Switzerland railway models. https://www.google.ie/maps/about/behind-the-scenes/streetview/treks/miniatur-wunderland/#switzerland/matterhorn
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