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woodland scenics vinyl grass mat

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Hi folks.

Does anyone have experience using WS grass mats? How did you manage to stick them down? I've read their mat adhesive isn't great.

I'm using a summer grass mat to cover my layout including small hills. I'll use scatter grass and gorse bushes to make it look more realistic after.

Thank you. 

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I use grass mats on my T-Trak modules but I am not sure if they are woodland scenics products as it is a while since i bought any. The last ones I bought I think were NOCH. I did not keep the wrapper.The mats have a paper backing to them and are easily stuck down with a PVA glue. I am currently using a product called Tacky Glue bought at one of The Works shops for £2. Another glue I have used is Hi-Tack again a PVA glue bought from The Craft Shop in Belfast costing £3.35. In the past i have used white wood PVA. I find they all do the job well. The glue can be applied either to the back of the mat or to the base board. Spreading the glue out works best but be careful not to let it dry out which it can do when spread out. If bits around the edges becomes unstuck just apply more glue.



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