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MGWR Ks GSR/CIE 650 Class release and pricing information.

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I am planning to release the kit in January 2019.  

I am looking at the option of supplying the kit with wheels gears and motor, but the position with the supply of motors and suitable wheels is uncertain at the moment and I am waiting clarification on availability from the suppliers.

The loco and tender kit includes parts to assemble the loco in either later MGWR or CIE condition with alternative cabs, springs and tender coal rails/plates.

The GSR cut crescent shaped holes in the valences of MGWR locos from the 1930s onwards. Although I have formed a half etched rebate on the inside of the valence to assist in cutting out the crescents (drilling & filing), I am looking at the option of supplying locos with this detail etched through for late GSR/CIE locos.


Pricing information:

MGWR Ks CIE/GSR 650 Class . 0.40mm etched brass loco and tender body with nickle silver chassis, whitemetal detail fittings including boiler fittings, buffers, tool boxes, springs and axleguards. Brass top-hat wheel bearings, turned brass handrail knobs and straight brass wire for handrails and ejector pipework.

$240.00 NZ approx €135.00  ₤121.00 shipping approx $20NZ

10% deposit on placing order. Balance prior to dispatch. payment by Paypal to majral@xtra.co.nz

Please state whether you prefer the valences pierced or solid. 

Motorising Kits.

My preference are Markits wheels for OO gauge locos, with a High Level Road Runner + gearbox , Mashima or Canon motor. 

Markits wheels are ideal for layout locos with cast metal centers and are self quartering on stainless steel axles with squared ends and generous tyre width suitable for Peco and other "Universal" track systems.

The Markits wheels have the added advantage that they can be set up "live axle" eliminating the need to fit power pick up, the loco and tender picking up power "American Style" through the frames.

Unfortunately suitable driving wheels for the 650 Class are currently out of stock and unlikely to be available for another 3 months.

Alan Gibson Workshops supply a large range of plastic centered "push-on" wheels which require greater care in set up than Markits wheels, require separate power pick ups and their OO/EM wheel has a narrower wheel thread closer to EM & OO Gauge Societies Standards than the Markits wheel.

I would recommend a 54:1 gear box for a realistic top speed for a mixed traffic loco.

Estimated pricing information motorising kits:

These rates for the supply of motorising kits are provisional and are based on a minimum order to the suppliers for 10 sets of parts.


Motor and gears $74 approx €42.00  ₤38.00

Markits wheels, axles, crankpins & axlenut covers $94 approx €53  ₤48.00

Prices quoted do not include local sales and purchase tax and may be subject to these taxes on importation

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I expect to start shipping the kits in late January. 

There was a glitch at the photo engravers that required re-work on about 60% of the chassis frets and I am awaiting a package from Alan Gibson Workshop in the UK who have been snowed under with trade orders from Warley and other pre-Christmas exhibitions in the UK.

For those that want to build the late GSR/CIE version of the loco I have amended the loco body fret to include slotted valences and have omitted the MGWR canopy cab.

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The kits will be ready for shipping from 25th February. Currently completing the instructions.

A limited number of kits are available at $250NZ + shipping for those that have not already placed an order.

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