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A Class Deposit Scheme Payment

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Hi everyone,

As you know, we set up a deposit scheme for the A Class, which allows everyone the chance to break down and spread out the cost of the locos across the production period, making paying for the models more manageable and convenient. We know locos can be expensive, and the A is a fleet of locos necessary for many, so we like to help where we can.

As you will know if you availed of the deposit scheme online, you receive an email after completing your order, log in and pay. The scheme has been very successful (though much more of you have elected to pay up front!).

However, there are a small handful of orders who have placed and order but so far have not paid their deposit. We have contacted those members today, and while we understand that emails can fall into spam folders etc., in the interest of fairness to all our customers, we require the deposits to be paid. If these are not paid we will be forced to cancel these pre-orders. 

If you are unsure of your payment status,  or you have a query or you have not received an email about payment, or need guidance on how to pay, please email info@irishrailwaymodels.com and we will help you out. It's only a handful of orders, so it wont take us long to get through. Please don't PM me, as I dont look after pre-orders so I wont be able to help you! emailing info@irishrailwaymodels.com is the place to go!


Fran (on behalf of IRM)

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