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Rules, Polices and Guidelines last updated Monday 8th June 2015


The views expressed by users on this forum are strictly personal to the individual poster and the forum's owner and moderators do not necessarily subscribe to all or any comments that may be posted.




To help make your visit to IrishRailwayModeller.com as enjoyable as possible, the website uses cookies which store log-in details and identify content you have already read. Tracking cookies are not used. By registering and continuing to use IrishRailwayModeller.com you are agreeing that cookies used by the website can be stored on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other electronic device used to access it.






[1] Members should create one account only. Any member found to be using more than one account will have his or her duplicate accounts permanently banned.


[2] This is an English language message board. If you must include a body of text in another language, please provide a translation (e.g. using Google Translate).


[3] Cyber-bullying is a crime under Irish law (primarily under the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997 and the Offences Against the Person Act 1861), and many other countries have similar legislation. Accordingly, flaming or abusing other members will not be tolerated.


[4] Please remember this message board is aimed at a general audience. Posting offensive or legally sensitive text, images, links, etc. is unacceptable. Discussion relating to religion or politics is also not permitted. The determination of what is classed as offensive, vulgar, spam, etc. is up to the moderating team. The moderating team reserves the right to edit or remove any post at any time.


[5] Please post in a manner consistent with normal writing. Try to avoid excessive use of emoticons and punctuation, SHOUTING, and txt slang.


[6] Signatures should not contain over-sized text or excessively large images.


[7] Please read the forum descriptions before posting, and make sure to post in the relevant area. If you post a topic in the wrong section, please contact a moderator and ask them to move it for you. Do not copy the same post to multiple topics/sections. Duplicate posts will be deleted by the moderation team.


[8] Please try to keep conversations 'on topic'. If you have information which is not directly related to the conversation, it is best to start your own thread in the appropriate section of the forum.


[9] Please respect the copyright of other members, photographers, publications, websites, etc. Use embed codes where available (e.g. Flickr images). Only post entire articles/chapters or upload images after permission has been granted by the copyright owner. If in doubt, play it safe and post a text link to the original file.


[10] Spam is not tolerated under any circumstances.


[11] Members wishing to promote business interests related to the hobby can do so by applying to the moderating team for their own section in the 'Shops, Manufacturers & Services' category. In addition, they can also create a single thread in the 'News' forum which they can update whenever they have a new product or service to offer. Any other posts promoting commercial interests will be removed. Unsolicited private messages to other members touting for business are regarded as spam and will not be tolerated. Links to commercial websites are acceptable in signatures as long as they conform to rule #6.


[12] IrishRailwayModeller.com is not responsible for member-to-member transactions resulting from contact made through these forums (e.g. 'For Sale or Wanted' and 'Swapmeet').


[13] If you note an issue that contravenes this policy document, please use the 'report post' facility located towards the bottom left of each post. This will bring the issue to the attention of the moderators, who will review it and take action if necessary. Please avoid posting on the topic in an attempt to tackle the issue yourself. 'Back-seat' moderating is unacceptable.


[14] The moderating team reserves the right to suspend or permanently ban any member who ignores warnings and continually breaches these guidelines.


[15] Discussions of Religion or Politics not tolerated. What constitutes either is at the sole discretion of the moderators.






Users who breach any of the above rules will be informed and asked not to repeat the action. A subsequent breach will earn the user an infraction which will remain in place for 10 days.


Three infractions within a 10-day period will automatically result in a one-week ban from the forum.


The moderating team reserves the right to by-pass the infraction system and issue a direct ban if it feels it is necessary. The length of the ban may range from 24 hours up to and including permanent exclusion.

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