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Loco repair in Dublin

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Hi folks,

I'm curious to know if anyone repairs model trains in Dublin? 

I bought a Graham Farish class 158 from someone on eBay. It just arrived today. The loco picks up power, but doesn't run smoothly. On initial inspection it looks like a tooth on one of the gears on a bogie is bent out of position.



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Hi Peter

I do repairs, is it an Gauge N GF 185 and do you know how many tooths are on that gear? I have some gears in stock- if I don't have that one we will have to try and order it!!

The old type intermediate bogie GF gears all split over time- so it may need a few to be changed!

I'm in Bray on Sunday at the Train & Model Fair if you want to drop out 10.30 to 1.30 or pm me to arrange if you want.


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Thank you for the reply Eoin. 

It is an n gauge Graham Farish class 158 DMU. I have no idea how many teeth are on the gears without taking it apart, and unfortunately I don't know how to take it apart. 

I'll pop out to you in Bray on Sunday with the loco. 


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