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DCC guru Mark Gurries has migrated today and has written an open letter to all DCC modellers

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DCC guru Mark Gurries has fully migrated the old famous forum from Yahoo to https://groups.io/g/DCC4EVERYONE 

quoting Mark Gurries, he wrote and posted the following today,

"DCC4EVERYONE: General DCC discussion support group for all Model Railroaders covering all DCC brands.

email DCC4EVERYONE@groups.io

 This group is for all DCC enthusiast.  There is no manufacture bias of any kind, by the owner or moderators.  The list is international in nature.
 This list is about DCC and DCC products.  Feel free to discus any maker of DCC products.

Do not hesitate to post here. 

It is a friendly place, with a bunch of good people who are always willing to help out.  There is no dumb questions here.  We believe all the major manufactures have a place in providing their products to enthusiast.  That different products fit different people and that there is no one best system for everyone, just a best system for you.

Hello DCC4EVERYONE members, The migration of the DCC4EVERYONE support group from Yahoo to Groups.IO is now complete!
The move was forced by Yahoo’s choice to eliminate files and photos storage and strip down features of the group. 

There was also Yahoo’s deteriorating track record of being able to providing timely message delivery to those who used email.  Independent Groups.io was founded in direct response to Yahoo actions with the added goal of improving service by creating a more modern platform for us to communicate with.

We have 2729 members that have been successfully migrated over including all of the posted messages, files and photos.  I am now shutting down the original Yahoo group.
This transfer has not come without an out of pocket cost of your group owner/moderator.  A fee of $220 was paid to Groups IO to perform the migration.
A 'Go Fund me' page has been setup with a $220 limit.  If you also feel the material in the DCC4EVERYONE group was worth saving, and would like to help pay for this cost, here is the link...


If 10 people gave $10 each and 24 people gave $5 each, we will hit that goal and pay for the transfer fee."

end of official statement.


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