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German model engines

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Midland Man

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Today while I foun some of my old German stock made in the 50s. At this point of time Germany was in a mess with it hafted in 2. Both engines are quite small one being a steam the other deisel. Bothe engines got a small service with a grease praised instead of oil. The deisel engine was probaly run down to the ground as there was fluff mixed with oil in the gears and stuck in the wheels probally from being run on a carpet instead of a layout.image.thumb.jpeg.75ddef9de7194449f0bbae51040283f0.jpeg

The deisel will take time to take out all the fluff and not to damage the mechanism. These engines amaze me every time I sea them as Germany was a mess yet they were making engines 10 times better than Hornby.image.thumb.jpeg.feceb11872cfe56157eab957ab4b901d.jpeg

Even in the 80s modelers were  still using these engines as there gear boxes were so good compared to a tri ang model of a diesel. image.thumb.jpeg.39dd47821ebfd1ec88021d0ee686684e.jpeg

Here are some more pics mainly of me cleaning the large pic ups which had got a lot of wear and tear over the years. The gear boxes on these are just deadly.




Here the pick ups have been removed.


Here the pick ups have got a lot of wear and tear and a once curved surface have become flat.


Here you can sea all the fluff that has picked up over the years.


The german ahead of there time with lighting on both of the engines.


So them hope you all like the pics an the engines as much as I do.






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