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International/ cu na mara stock

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Robert Shrives

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Well setting wagons aside to day to pick up on a long term project mK3a International train - liked by some loathed by others it seems.  I have started 4 conversion basket cases today and got bogies from Southern pride test mounted and kaydee No5 s test fitted to two to try out curvature.  I have I think found 15 or so photos to help but wondered if anybody else had a go and any pitfalls to avoid very welcome. 

I have a plan to order the brake coaches - two were built but it looks like neither made CIE service with a MK3 doing the van and gen works - I was working on a rule one to make a BFK into a Driver trailer but was wondering if it would have got a full width cab MK3 pp style or a half cab allowing walk through with corridor left in place. Could it have had under floor gen sets like the Mk3 pp driver or a full blown gen set in the van and some of the saloon robbed for van space or perhaps set would have had both vans at outer ends? - I guess these thoughts resulted in the MK3 gen car andMK3a brake firsts going for razors but in 4mm we can have a little fun, even with a livery "upgrade."    


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Well first pic looks good with a bogie and No5 couplers mounted on two and two others part modified, and a roof having a first effort of scraping away unwanted ribs so far so good but  lower body has a telling  crack.  The second photo shows after middle section first cut  the two nearest show signs of a repaint, these two shattered on next cuts to remove doors , perhaps a reaction to the thickly applied paint.

Luckily I cut out more than need bogie spacers and able to get two more coaches from evilbay yesterday. Hopefully this will not fall apart.. I had bashed ahead with making 4 the same - but this wrong as well as the BFK  might well warrant less cutting...  so defo a case of more haste less speed. 


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Never liking having stuff finished these resting pending sorting square ends and adding resin doors I started looking at Enterprise stock by butchering Eurostars - got photos and a drawing for dimensions so £30 on ebay for 4 spares and repairs and a power car - which as an aside will give a good supply of grill sides for many a year for 80class etc conversions..  And in a fit of fun fitted Kaydee 5s to a MK2 cut and shunt for a tea car mk2a - Arfix shell with bachman MK2 windows and plasticard. I struggled for a while trying to see why Bachmann chassis not fit, coaches differ by 5mm, so Arifix chassis fitted and Kaydee mounts.         


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