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Guinness Keg Wagons Progress Report

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We thought it would be good to share some good news and optimism in these bleak times. We can confirm that our factories in China are back up and running and as you can see below, our Guinness keg wagons are currently being painted and assembled.


In this first pic you can see the cages, chassis and kegs (which will be painted silver!) in various stages of assembly. 


Here are the kegs, undercoated before silver paint is applied (and upside down in this pic of course!)

As many of you will have seen, we have a fully finished sample of the wagon which we displayed at the Dublin show in Blackrock last October. As the office is currently locked up, I cannot take a pic of it to show you all. However, we did get a part assembled sample before the show which I did snap and is below. Please note that a lot of detail is not present on this sample. 


Finally, prices and ordering. We are not taking pre-orders on these at all. They will only be available to buy once they are in stock in our warehouse. So, you dont have to pay down money in advance. We have also made more of these than the ferts and liners, so there should be more stock too in case you miss out, as Irish outilne seems to be growing in popularity. 

We are not fully sure when these will be in stock, but we are hoping late April. It will depend of course on the freight situation out of China. We will keep you informed of any changes and confirmation before then. 

There will be four packs of two wagons, with a price of €100 per pack. A rake bundle deal of €370 will also be available. The cages and kegs will also be available in a separate line side accessory pack. Details on this will be revealed later in the year.


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