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Pre-Order your Bell, B&I and CIE liners This Weekend!

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We are opening the order books on our first items of our 42ft project this weekend at the MRSI show in Raheny; the B&I, Bell and CIE Liners. And before you ask; yes, it was due to be the ferts first, but the ferts are undergoing some vigorous fettling which as you may have noticed, has delayed the whole project somewhat. So, while we get that sorted out (and we nearly have it sorted) we have swapped the container liners into first position as they are more advanced. 

We are doing two packs of two wagons with Bell containers, two packs of two wagons with B&I containers., and one twin pack with two wagons each featuring two 20ft CIE containers. Phew!


The B&I and Bell containers are of course the C Rail intermodal containers, which are excellent in both finish and fidelity, while the CIE 20ft containers are new tooling from ourselves. We're delighted to say that we will have pre-production samples of both C Rail container liveries on our stand at Raheny this weekend for you to see. While Bell containers have been done before, they have not been done on this pattern of container, which is earlier than other C Rail Bell containers giving them an operating spehere of 70s-90s. They also new numbers unique to us. The B&I containers have never been done before, and of course the CIE containers are uniquely Irish and all new tooling. 


Cost per pack is €100, with a rake deal in place for CIE, Bell and B&I trains of four packs for €375. Delivery is Q1 2019. Since the production numbers of these is quite small, (half the size of other production runs like bubbles and smaller than the taras) they will sell out pretty fast. So, dont miss out on them. They will be available to pre-order from our stand and online from Saturday morning at 11am.

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