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GNR(I) Carriage Book (published in support of the 171 Appeal)

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One of my aliases is that I am a member of an operation called The Syndicate - we have raised funds for Irish Railway Preservation for over forty years - truthfully, most of the money goes to the RPSI. At the moment, we are sending all funds raised to the 171 Appeal.


A friend, Steve Rafferty, has produced this booklet based on the 1944 GNR Carriage book and we in The Syndicate have funded its publication, with proceeds going to The 171 Fund.


Cover picture on next post - fornicating computers!


This book is in two parts - the first a near exact reproduction of the internal list given to GNR staff giving details of the Company's rolling stock.


The second part gives new builds after 1944; major rebuilds; coaches acquired from Britain; the post war railcars; alterations made to carriages; disposal and withdrawal dates.


A mine of information and a must for any GNR modeller! 32 pages of A4 (the original was A5, so this is a lot easier to read!).


Trivial Pursuit question - which coach was built in 1918, was burnt, rebuilt, later had BUT connections and worked with the Cork breakdown crane - it survives!!!!


You can find a picture of the cover on my Provincial Wagons website and can obtain one through me there, using the usual methods.


Yours for Fiver (UK) or €7.50 in the Eurozone (sorry, the postage from the UK is criminally dear!), post paid.


It will be on sale from 171 Appeal Stand (F16) at Warley for a fiver sterling - so if you're coming order it for collection!


Get those orders in!!


Thanks for looking



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