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PSD2 / 3DS Payment Issues Online

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DJ Dangerous

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Hi all.

Has anybody had issues when buying online since the PSD2 norms came into effect?

Or are they not yet in effect up in Ireland and the UK?

There was an 18 month window for them to come into effect, starting on September 4th 2019, so the deadline for their implementation hasn't actually passed.

I'm using a Spanish card, issued by a Spanish bank, and they are usually pretty quick to enforce these changes, here.

The issues first appeared late last year but there were workarounds like PayPal, but PayPal payments are now also being declined, presumably as there is no 3DS pop-up.

I'm having problems buying from some retailers, both EU and non-EU, yet I can buy from Hattons (as recently as this morning) without issue.

I've been on the 'phone to my bank, who assure me that my cards are both fine, as evidenced by my ability to make physical transactions and buy from Hattons online.

Yet it's the bank who are declining the payments.

Or, is it possible that since I'm not given a chance to authorize the payments via 3DS, they are automatically declined?


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