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  1. chris

    New Irish Railway Models Website

    looks good. one fault I've noted is if I click into my order history the individual orders only come up with prices, not details of what was actually ordered. There seems to be a broken image link or similar on the order page. see attached
  2. chris

    IRM CIE 20ft Container

    yeah, sold separately in packs of 3 of 5 or whatever would be great.
  3. chris

    IRM Tara Wagon Discount Codes Explained

    10% code worked fine with the full rake pack for me ...
  4. 5?, where's that mentioned?
  5. History of failure to deliver over there and a different market... The Irish market being sooooooo limited in terms of quality supply I think it is key to know what is coming in the foreseeable future. A handy example is the 42ft wagon being discussed on the other thread. IRM hinting they'll produce it there (maybe reading too much into that). I'd certainly be very interested in the shapeways version but if I know a RTR will appear this / next year I can plan for that instead. Unfortunate for Nile but I'd hate to buy those then hear a RTR is 8 weeks away.
  6. chris

    Thought for the Day

    If you could get Murphy or IRM standard RTR N scale stuff I'd be all over it. Already have some Swiss N and it's great. The layout scale in the same space would be such a plus.
  7. chris

    Silverfox - New Irish Coach releases

    Have to agree with Blaine on this one, the Silverfox stuff is exorbitantly priced sub-standard junk IMO
  8. chris

    South Dublin MRC Exhibition - Photos

    Great collection of photos Any info on the ship appearing in the second image, Zwarte? I'd love a kit or something like that!
  9. chris

    New Look

    background is white, post is white, quote area underneath is white, user member panel on the left of post is white. all very samish and hard to delineate. Bit like the new boards.ie site compared to the older one...
  10. chris

    New Look

    don't mean to be negative but the contrast between posts is pretty poor. Grey and White don't sit well together being so similar, maybe make one of the shades slightly darker? Other than that pretty nice and tidy layout. Actually the posting box itself looks pretty good with the darker shade, something similar to that perhaps?
  11. Much better effort than 071, that orange was completely wrong imo.
  12. chris

    IRM Ballast Wagons

    Mine finally arrived today We've all seen how fantastic the models are but also a mention to the beautiful packaging! The boxes look really great, nice and solid too!
  13. chris

    IRM Ballast Wagons

    100% agree. It really is a credit to the team that set the ambitious time lines and got the job done. Showing no sign of let up with the bubbles either!
  14. chris

    Return of Model Irish Railways

    IF the 121s get released this year! So is it only wagons being re-released? I'd seriously think about another NIR101 if it became available again.

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