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  1. Well I assumed actual Irish stuff and Murphy already has the mk2 covered. Looks nice but this will be a miss from me, no resonation with NIR coaches like these unfortunately. Good stuff though guys, keep it coming.
  2. i havent opted in and its showing my location...
  3. chris


  4. lucky you mayner, customs got their claws into mine, no release date as yet
  5. never mind own power, that would be a good option these days with air fright being obscenely expensive and sea being slow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yiwu–London_railway_line
  6. ? And? My point was normally there are months of notice for upcoming IRM stuff, thats all.
  7. hmmm, take note IRM! whatever is the next thing in the post do not send before asking me about adding these!!! kept them quiet
  8. Got mine in NZ today
  9. Does that mean you are aware of any more plans for mk2s? There were supposed to be more, weren't there?
  10. good on you for stocking these. Have just pre-ordered and cancelled from Hattons. Will continue to support IRM in preference where I can given all the great work they've done for the Irish scene in the last couple of years.
  11. I commend you for doing this and they look really nice and I honestly hope it works out!! Personally they're not a key interest area for me and being outside that combined with the price (which I totally understand for a limited run of very high quality product) I'm afraid I couldn't justify the spend given there are so many other up coming items I have a more direct interest in. Maybe if the interest is there for larger runs and the pricing comes down somewhat I could go for the CIE 10T opens as they are of minor interest. Best of luck with this project, done the survey to try and reflect how I feel above, saying I would have a degree of interest in the 10t, hopefully it helps a bit at least.
  12. In reality though mayner you need to be unlucky to get pinged for GST in NZ. None of my railway purchases have ever been stopped by customs to add the tax, and most were well over the $400 Mark. The declaration on the box usually gives a lower value regardless of what store has supplied it. It's easy to get around.
  13. how exactly does a loco end up looking like that? is it just the black peeling off?
  14. looks like a mis type, the link still has 51 in it. EDIT: The url has 51 but everything else is 54
  15. The glass isn't smashed and it doesn't smell of piss?
  16. if you know the name f the ship bang it in here and it will tell you where it is https://www.marinetraffic.com/
  17. that's the old Killiney and Ballybrack station, right. Not the same as the current one. Down on the corner on Seaview Rd rather than current location?
  18. Too good an opportunity to miss even if it might set the CC on fire! I'm certainly not as much as fan of these as some on here, never really saw them in real life, but knowing how good the quality is going to be based on everything so far it's a no brainer to pick up a couple for misc uses around the layout. Once again well done to all at IRM!
  19. looks like the third wagon back has a tarp or something over part of it... as maybe the 8th back?
  20. counting down... yer making me stay up to near midnight over here in NZ though lads, and i have to be some sort of sober-ish to be able to order them, on a Saturday!! the things I do...
  21. IS there going to be any offer on all 5 packs? Rather than the 4 pack offer plus 1 more?
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