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  1. Hey guys, I grew up in Ireland and moved to the USA three years ago. While over here I got in Irish model trains, joined this forum and haven't looked back since! Anyway, I'm coming home for a visit from dec 28th - jan 9 and I'm wondering what might be worth taking a look at or if there are any event organized during that time frame. Also if anyone might be interest in meeting up for something train related ? I will have use of a Fer if I can keep it on the right side of the road!
  2. I'm running 3x 141/181's on my layout, but all of which are having power pick up issues. They're lights are flickering, sound interruptions and completely stop at times. I cleaned the track with track cleaner which has worked well in the past, but didn't solve it completely this time. I'm getting between 12.5v and 12.6v all around the track, although I'm just running one set of wires to the track right now, but it did happen before with several feeder wires running to the tracks. I think it must be the power is not getting to he motors via the wheels. Is there a good way to clean the wheels/ pick ups? I tried track cleaner on cotton buds but it didn't work. Thanks guys.
  3. In Russia you bring train

  4. Oil Tank Wagon Pics

    Does anyone have any pictures or a link to any pictures of some Irish Oil Tank Wagons please? I have a rake of oil tank wagons almost complete. I have the transfers from Weshty ready to go on, but I want to make sure that I'm putting them on in the right places. Thanks in advance. I'll put some pics up on my workbench once they're completed!
  5. American Buffer Stop

    Saw this at a timber yard in Virginia. I guess you don't a buffer stop when you don't have buffers!
  6. Oil Tank Wagon Ladders

    Hey guys, does anyone know if the Irish oil tank wagons had a ladder on both sides, or just on the one side?
  7. Conor's Workbench

    HO gauge tank wagon I re-sprayed. Decals from Weshty 40' Bell containers I re-sprayed. Decals from Weshty
  8. Hornby Coach Re-Spray?

    Hey guys, my local model train shop owner held these three HO scale Hornby coaches for me, (a rare find here in the United States of Freedom ). He knew nobody else would want them and for $15 a piece, sure you can't go wrong! Anyway I'm planning on attempting to re-spray them, but what do they look closest to? The era I'm sticking to is 1980's IR livery. I already have three Cravens. At the moment I'm leaning towards IR livery MIID for the coaches, but was there a MII baggage car? Any info or suggestions, pics etc. would be great. Thanks lads

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