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  1. djkonore

    Ballinafeckin Layout

    Money delivery at the bank
  2. djkonore

    Barls Workbench

    Nice work Barl, looks great!
  3. djkonore

    Glenderg's Projects

    Fantastic work throughout your workbench Richie. Unbelievable patience and attention to detail is very apparent.
  4. djkonore

    Anthony's Workbench

    I don't think I'd eat anything out of that restaurant car, the hygiene doesn't look the best! Great work Anto!
  5. djkonore

    Conor's Workbench

    Thanks. No, it's actually a 1:76 scale (OO gauge) Airfix kit. I tried to put up more pics of the build stages but it wouldn't let me. Files were too big apparently.
  6. djkonore

    Conor's Workbench

    U.N./Irish Army Truck
  7. djkonore

    Conor's Workbench

    Thanks for all the kind words guys, it's much appreciated!
  8. djkonore

    Anthony's Workbench

    They look great Anto, your really getting a handle on the rust effect.
  9. djkonore

    141/181 Body removal

    It's really easy this way; remove the ends of the railings attached to the cabs only. Leave the rest of the railings in place. They don't need to be removed!!! Lift the non-radiator end cab straight up - you might need to pry it up slightly with a small screw driver away from the body. Then get your finger under the body shell roof (now that the cab is off) and just lift it straight up. Again you can use a screw driver to lever the body up for more control. The body and remaining cab will come up together because they are attached by a blanking plate underneath the roof radiator. This method is really easy and fast. I've done it loads of times with no damage at all and don't have to remove the railings. Works every time I guarantee it!
  10. djkonore

    Conor's Workbench

    The lower white stripe was already on the model, I just painted on the orange and added the upper white stripe. I used spray cans and painters tape.
  11. djkonore

    Conor's Workbench

    Will there be women?!
  12. djkonore

    Conor's Workbench

    I like my loco's like my women; DIRTY!!! I have Anto to thank for that one!
  13. djkonore

    Conor's Workbench

    Can I ask what make is the baggage car? Ye sorry, it's actually a Bachmann Branchline BR MkI Brake Van. It's available from Hattons in the bargain section. http://www.ehattons.com/8480/Bachmann_UK_39_180_BR_Mk1_NHA_full_brake_in_Intercity_executive_livery/StockDetail.aspx
  14. djkonore

    Conor's Workbench

    I re-sprayed this British Rail baggage car to be used as a steam generating van to run with my Cravens coaches
  15. djkonore

    Anthony's Workbench

    Lovely work there Anto. Those freight 071's are 100%! An artist and a true gent. I love my 141/181's you did for me and when I get an IR 071 I'll be sending her straight to you. Always helpful and great quality work and well priced for the time and detail you put in.

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