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  1. Hi Joe, Are these still available ? If so I would take at least 8 - 10 bags. Where are you based ?
  2. Hi, has anybody used I.D back scenes. gonna get some but don't know whether to get the self adhesive ones or the other. I presume the alternative , you would use wallpaper paste. I feel the self adhesive would be quicker to use but unforgiving if it went on crooked. Any help gratefully appreciated. Dave
  3. Everard Junction has video on youtube lately using Magorail. Looks good- easy to setup. With regards using inclines, it would probably depend on weight of vehicles used. Even on flat it seems only cars look ok. He could only use cab of truck on his layout.
  4. Portoman


    Mine arrived today as well. Got a sneak look before they were whisked away. Wont be seen till some fella with a white beard brings them back !!!
  5. You got a good mention on youtube - - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgUYx-QFzrk - at 01.50 New Junction meets Dean Park. well done !!
  6. Tony, I just got a shed 16 x 12 with the intention of moving my layout from the attic. It will be 12 x 12 on two levels. My shed is tongued and grooved with breathable membrane on the walls . Ceiling is OSB with felt. I lined both walls and ceiling with 25 mm insulation boards between joists and covered with 6mm ply. There are gaps for air circulation. You can lose the plot if you read everything you should do. I never had problems in the attic and it hadn't got as much insulation on ceiling. Dave
  7. I was talking to the man himself at the Raheny show and he was saying the chinese were messing him around no end. He mentioned it will be some time next year, probably around time the 121 is comming
  8. Love the curve of the viaduct -top class Dave
  9. Great weathering effects , well done. Where did you get portocabin kits ?
  10. Just a few images from the layout. Was up in the attic so decided to take a few snaps. Have'nt had much chance of late to do anything.
  11. just a few pics of the layout - progressing slowly -mostly now scenic touch ups , weathering etc - should keep me occupied for the next few years !!! There's a lot to do, but that's what I like about the hobby - your never finishedor at least Im never !!
  12. Excellent as usual Anthony , camera angles make it look so realistic.
  13. Work commencing on new rural station which will be a single platform stop. It will take a 4 carriage train. Heavy cranes arrive to assist.
  14. Thanks John for a most enjoyable trip, really enjoyed it.
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