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  1. That Reg Thing.......

    Not as big as the .50 Cal but still packs a punch. The Lorry was in Camp Bastion of all places, not the usual reg in the area
  2. Belmond conversion in Model Rail

    In this months model rail there is a feature on modelling the Belmond Grand Hibernian. George Dent converts 2 Hornby MK3's to the EGV and the observation car. He has also resprayed a MM 201 to 216. He does mention briefly using Railtech decals but I checked their website and found no trace. There is not great detail on how he went about the conversions but it may inspire someone on here, myself included, to give it a go.
  3. Rangermouse's projects

    My next attempt, 8208, didnt want to go as far with the weathering on this one as its usually kept quite clean but i still wanted it to look used, again im fairly happy with the result.
  4. 146 weathered

    Hi lads this is my first post and my first attempt at weathering, reasonably pleased but think i may have went ott, help and advice would be most welcome. Cheers.

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