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  1. Seeing these pics I was inspired to recreate the scene on my own work in progress layout. I took these last time I was home 2 weeks ago and then forgot my camera when I went back to work. There is no 1/72 AW139 yet (hint hint IRM if you want to diversify ) so I had to use my EC135 instead.
  2. I was hoping that'd be the basis for the new livery. Ah well. I do hope they leave the Rugby planes as they are as well as the retro livery. I've been on all bar one of the A320s in the last 5 years, EI-GAL is the last one. Cillian Murphy was a regular on the Manchester Dublin flight last year as was Amy Huberman. I've also seen Roy Keane and Paul Scholls.
  3. Public perception does have an impact. British Airways had to get rid of their hideous tail designs from the mid 90's due to the publics reaction. The same when Air India got rid of their window design, there was a public outcry and they had to amend the new design to keep the window outline. I was speaking to a member of the ground staff as I boarded one of the newly painted aircraft in Dublin 2 weeks ago and although he liked the design he did say the majority of the publics reaction has been negative. To me and a lot of other people it is a source of national pride seeing the big green aircraft in a foreign airport. It's like a piece of home. Maybe I have a different outlook having lived and worked abroad for so long. Painting them white with a token green tail is like the national Rugby or Football teams switching to white but saying it's fine because they have green socks.
  4. I parked there 2 hours ago having landed from Manchester. In fact the pic looks like it was taken from where we parked. Is parked the right word? Cars park, ships dock. What do planes do? 🤫
  5. I used to deliver to Gilligan's in my old job back in the early 00s. Used to love going there and looking at the old station and trackbed while the driver was settling the bill.
  6. I might make sense from a business perspective and being interchangeable with other IAG airlines but I believe they have got it totally wrong. They have totally misjudged what the publics reaction will be. The comments on their social media pages are mostly negative. I watched the live unveiling and when they lifted the curtain I was horrified. I fly home every second weekend and when the incoming flight lands it's instantly recognisable even from the other end of the airport as it taxis to the gate in Manchester. Sounds corny but it's like a little piece of home. The new livery wont be, it'll just be like every other bland boring aircraft there.
  7. Has anyone seen the new Aer Lingus livery yet? I just watched the unveiling and was horrified. All white with a token green tail, a carbon copy of QANTAS with different colours. They should get a refund from whatever design company they used to inflict that abomination on us. Can you tell I'm not a fan 😂😂
  8. As promised, some pics I took today. When a train is coming, between 60 and 90 seconds a bell rings and the light goes red. Then the gates close. The gates are designed so if you do get caught crossing there is a pen where you can wait safely for the train to pass. It is single track in the pictures as our local station here is an Island but there are double track ones and closer to Perth, stations where it crosses 4 tracks. I understand peoples reluctance to have people crossing at track level. Surely though it makes sense, if operated safely, rather than building towers with lift-shafts and the maintenance that that entails. I can't speak for the rest of Australia or New Zealand as I haven't been (NZ is top of my list to visit) but in Perth the railway is well fenced off with 5ft fences near stations and 6ft fence topped with barbed wire away from stations. The majority of the suburban lines in Perth are Narrow Gauge but there are standard Gauge lines the run over east and to the Port at Fremantle and Kwinana. In some places these are dual gauge and I have included a shot taken from a pedestrian crossing in Fremantle
  9. In the Irish Times letters page this morning a reader has complained about wheelchair access at Irish Rail stations. He mentions a few stations where the lifts are out of order preventing access to the opposite platform. I am currently on holidays in Australia and have been using the TransPerth system fairly regularly. Here, instead of footbridges or lifts the have track level pedestrian crossings. These work in the same way as vehicle crossings, bells and lights come on as a train approaches then gates shut to prevent access onto the track. I'm going into Perth shortly and will take a picture in case my description isn't clear. Surely this is a more cost effective way of providing wheelchair access not to mention being more reliable. The trains run every 20 minutes here in either direction with no issues. I'm thinking for stations like my own local at Dromad where trains cross in the evening or Edgeworthstown where they cross more regularly. In some cases the slope on the platforms may have to be shallower but that should be an easy task. Maybe I'm over simplifying but it just seems obvious to me
  10. This morning the first direct flight from Australia to the UK landed in Heathrow. Operated by QANTAS as QF9 from Perth. A 17 hour journey, the second longest after Doha to Auckland. Having family over in Perth I have been 3 times. Although 17 hours is a long time I would prefer this to the hassle of changing and waiting on other flights. I am hoping to go again later this year and hope to use this flight. The 787 is a beautiful aircraft and I have a model of the 800 version nearing completion. I'm tempted to get the 900 version and do it in QANTAS colours following today. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/first-non-stop-flight-between-australia-and-uk-lands-1.3439575
  11. Thanks lads. I didn't think we'd have something as big due to the lack of heavy snow we get. I lived near Inverness for a year and can remember trying to get down the A9 in a blizzard or passing Aviemore on the train in summer and still being able to see snow on the mountains.
  12. I've just passed York station and there is a fearsome looking Snowplough belonging to Network Rail in the sidings North of the station. Having been on the Dromad to Dublin yesterday and passed through the snow covered countryside I was wondering if there was something similar at home?
  13. It's just under 5 ft from where the tape is on the bottom photo to the ground. There are no grooves or spike marks at the 3 ft point. I would say if i did a bit of digging the groove would be just under the surface. Would 4 ft 6 be a standard size sleeper for Narrow Gauge? I'm 5 ft 6 and it never occurred to me as the sleepers were taller than I am that they weren't Narrow Gauge. Just goes to show that as kids we take what our dads tell us as gospel.
  14. Just had a look again and removed some of the ivy. You can see the groove and the wholes where the spikes were hammered in. It is definitely not a C&L sleeper as I measured from the groove to the ground and it's nearly 5 ft. It may have been hard to see the size with no scale so I've included the measuring tape too. Our nearest Broad Gauge line is the Sligo line 5 miles away with Dromad being the closest station. The washing line was there long before I was born and it was my Dad who told me they were from the "Narra Gauge" as he calls it. Clearly my Granddad was even more enterprising then we realised.
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