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  1. I ventured out last Monday, with the threat of level 5 looming, and took this pic of the Air France A380 in Knock. I remember seeing the first flight of the A380 on the news and said to my dad it'd be a white elephant. I wish I'd done the lotto that week. I flew direct from Heathrow to Perth on the QANTAS 787 and back 2 years ago. No need for 4 engines. We actually landed an hour early into Perth so our family hadn't arrived to meet us yet. Way back in Dec 1987 we flew on an Aer Lingus 747 from Dublin to Heathrow. I was only 6 at the time but thought the safety announcement on screen was t
  2. I flew on one once from Singapore to London. It was awful, tatty, worn and outdated compared to the QANTAS 747 I flew out on. I had booked with QANTAS but it was when they were sharing bookings. As bad as that was it is still a shame. After Concorde they must be the most iconic commercial aircraft built. It looks like 4 engined passenger aircraft days are numbered. Heathrow will seem strange without them. Can't be too many airlines using them now. Lufthansa still have some but for how much longer
  3. The latest addition, a Revell MV-22 Osprey. It was sprayed using Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics. If you look at the black painted areas, you can see some discolouration caused by the Humbrol acrylic matt varnish. I recently moved away from Railmatch matt varnish as it seemed to yellow lighter finishes. Now this Humbrol one seems to have reacted with the darker colour. Both were rattle cans as I have found putting varnish through my airbrush leads to clogging very soon after starting. Any solutions or advice would be most welcome.
  4. It still is, in fact there is a pic of a newly acquired T72 variant in this months AFM magazine.
  5. I thought I'd share some of the aircraft I've made over the last few months. With lockdown and not being able to get home I can't get to work on my layout. Luckily I've been able to keep sane with some modelling in my room at work. These are just the completed ones, I still have a few on the go, including a Bachmann MK1 BSK I'm converting to the weedsprayer carriage. First up is the HobbyBoss HH-60J with the Air Graphics Models interior set which you can't actually see. I've modified this to the current MH-60T version although I still need to add a FLIR turret. Second is the Aca
  6. I work away from home so have 2 modelling areas. The layout in the attic at home and a desk in my accommodation at work. The layout started by accident. I had just completed my second tour of Afghanistan and had a then new MM 201 and nowhere to run it. The intention was a small 8x4 just to run it and a couple of the MK 2s. Instead I ended up getting carried away and converted part of the attic and built a pear shaped layout. It's pear shaped because it's wider at one end than it is at the other and not because I made a hames of it. Maybe getting carried away was therapy after 4 hecti
  7. I saw one very similar earlier in Darlington whilst waiting to pick my mate up. It was more of a grey colour and didn't have the yellow front. It was a Trans pennine Express service from Newcastle to Liverpool, not that you could tell. No destination boards, no signs on the side as some do and the completely anonymous livery could belong to anyone going anywhere. Luckily for those travelling to Liverpool, Darlington is well staffed and the announcements are regular and there are screens everywhere.
  8. While investment in additional fleet is to be welcomed, I can't help but think IE could utilise their existing fleet better. I was travelling on the 19:15 Connolly to Sligo last Friday. The fact that this is the last train is in itself ridicules. It was absolutely packed with people crammed in the gangways. It was a 4 carriage unit. We had to wait in Mullingar for the Sligo to Connolly to pass. It was an 8 carriage unit and there was nobody on it, just a few in the first couple of carriages. Surely the second unit of 4 could be better used on the Connolly to Sligo where the capacity
  9. Seeing these pics I was inspired to recreate the scene on my own work in progress layout. I took these last time I was home 2 weeks ago and then forgot my camera when I went back to work. There is no 1/72 AW139 yet (hint hint IRM if you want to diversify ) so I had to use my EC135 instead.
  10. I was hoping that'd be the basis for the new livery. Ah well. I do hope they leave the Rugby planes as they are as well as the retro livery. I've been on all bar one of the A320s in the last 5 years, EI-GAL is the last one. Cillian Murphy was a regular on the Manchester Dublin flight last year as was Amy Huberman. I've also seen Roy Keane and Paul Scholls.
  11. Public perception does have an impact. British Airways had to get rid of their hideous tail designs from the mid 90's due to the publics reaction. The same when Air India got rid of their window design, there was a public outcry and they had to amend the new design to keep the window outline. I was speaking to a member of the ground staff as I boarded one of the newly painted aircraft in Dublin 2 weeks ago and although he liked the design he did say the majority of the publics reaction has been negative. To me and a lot of other people it is a source of national pride seeing the big
  12. I parked there 2 hours ago having landed from Manchester. In fact the pic looks like it was taken from where we parked. Is parked the right word? Cars park, ships dock. What do planes do?
  13. I used to deliver to Gilligan's in my old job back in the early 00s. Used to love going there and looking at the old station and trackbed while the driver was settling the bill.
  14. I might make sense from a business perspective and being interchangeable with other IAG airlines but I believe they have got it totally wrong. They have totally misjudged what the publics reaction will be. The comments on their social media pages are mostly negative. I watched the live unveiling and when they lifted the curtain I was horrified. I fly home every second weekend and when the incoming flight lands it's instantly recognisable even from the other end of the airport as it taxis to the gate in Manchester. Sounds corny but it's like a little piece of home. The new livery wont be,
  15. Has anyone seen the new Aer Lingus livery yet? I just watched the unveiling and was horrified. All white with a token green tail, a carbon copy of QANTAS with different colours. They should get a refund from whatever design company they used to inflict that abomination on us. Can you tell I'm not a fan
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