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  1. irishmail

    Cultra Model Railway Exhibition

    I shall be there with my 0 gauge layout.
  2. irishmail

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    Saturday 10:00- 17:00 Sunday 12:00- 17:00 Regards, John
  3. irishmail

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    I will be there with my 0 gauge Swanbourne Vale Light Railway, look forward to meeting you all. :)
  4. irishmail

    Model Rail Show August 4th weekend?

    Ulster Model Railway Club exhibition is on 25th - 26th August in Belfast.
  5. irishmail

    Bangor 2018 Exhibition/Show

    First Bangor MRC exhibition next Friday 25th- Sat 26th May. I shall be there with my 0 gauge Swanbourne Vale Light railway. http://firstbangormrc.co.uk/exhibitions Regards John
  6. irishmail

    murrayec's Projects

    The Scotsman is starting to look good Eoin, Look forward to seeing the loco when she is finished. You can always give it a test run on the Swanbourne Vale Light Railway as a visiting loco. Regards John
  7. irishmail

    Wexford Model Railway Club Exhibition Easter 2018

    It was also great to talk to you too George. Hope to meet you again at a show in the future. Regards John
  8. irishmail

    AddressPal - New Home Delivery option

    An post prices were reasonable at one time, but as you say the registered postage is very expensive these days. Sometimes I now use GLS/Parcel Force as depending on what you are sending it can work out a bit cheaper especially if sending larger parcels and the parcel is delivered in three working days, all tracked and signed for too. It would be handy if there was an equivalent of address pal here in Ireland. PS, if its a fault with the loco then Hornby may refund the postage cost to you.
  9. irishmail

    AddressPal - New Home Delivery option

    Thought it was €3.75 to collect from post office, or has the price been increased?
  10. irishmail

    Abandoned Eurostar

    Even a servicing facillatiy being built at Longsight (Manchester) for the eurostar sets. Would have been good if the proposals for the north of London Eurostar's took off along with the planned overnight trains, but I think the advent of the low-cost airlines at the time put paid to that.
  11. irishmail

    UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    Thanks for that, Regards, John
  12. irishmail

    UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    Hi David, who did you contact re: Glasgow? I have tried to contact them a coupe of times previously via their website but got no replay or acknowledgment from them. Regards, John
  13. irishmail

    Campbell Riverside

    Hi all, It has been another great year showing my Campbell Riverside layout. This year it was shown at Wexford, Bangor (Co. Down) & Belfast. I was also going to be at the south Dublin show in October but due to unforeseen circumstances had to pull out. As for 2018 there are currently no bookings for Campbell Riverside, this will hopefully give me time to make a few improvements to the layout. Also I have my 0 gauge layout 'Swanbourne Vale Light Railway' which I have been asked to take to Wexford & Belfast in 2018, http://www.rmweb.co....-2#entry2892358., so I need to do some more work with that before next Easter! Regards, John
  14. Hi Mods/Admin. For some reason I can not access the US/Canadian section of IRM. I get message saying I do not have permission to view this content and error code 1F176/3 Regards, John

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