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  1. irishthump


    Noel that's nice work, and not overdone. Is that a paint wash or a weathering powder mix?
  2. irishthump

    ooworks, J15

    I'm no steam enthusiast but to me that looks awful. I may be wrong but does the picture in first post on this thread seem to have a similar problem? Are these cast in one piece or is the whole loco assembled from separate sections? No offence but I wouldn't be happy if it were me!
  3. irishthump


    Yeah I get that BosK, and just to be clear the kinematics work perfectly! My reason is that I'm slowly installing draft boxes on all of my Irish/UK stock, locos included. I prefer the way they look and operate. But the kinematics are excellent and will be perfect for people who are not as obsessive as myself!
  4. irishthump


    Unpacked mine last night and finally had the chance to examine them up close. Lads, the build quality, detail and finish on these wagons is absolutely top notch! Can't wait to give them a spin on the layout..... Yeah the nem pockets are absolutely spot on these wagons, another welcome detail. To be honest I'll probably add draft box Kadees to these in the future, like I did with the cement bubbles, but it's great to have perfect compatibility out of the box and not have to faff around with plastic shims or glueing Kadees under the pockets!
  5. irishthump


    Mine arrived yesterday! Haven't had the time to even take a proper look at them yet but I will tonight. But they look fabulous! Unfortunately due to the fact that I'm doing some major changes to my layout's track plan I won't be able to give them a proper run. But I'm hoping to get that sorted by the weekend...
  6. irishthump

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Thanks, Railer! If I'd bothered to Google it I wouldn't have had to ask.... caws
  7. irishthump

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Quick question, lads... I'm just confused as to what the CAWS equipment looks like. ,Is it the vertical metal bars protruding down from under the buffer beam?
  8. irishthump

    Murphy Models Class 201

    I think that was Anthony’s one which used the nem mount. Don’t know where that one went!
  9. irishthump

    Murphy Models Class 201

    I had some intial problems with long stock, mainly combos of 201’s / Mk3’s and 42ft flats. The coupler on the 201 swings wide and I would get buffer lock on the 3rd radius curves on my layout when propelling stock around the curve. The lighter 42ft flats were also prone to derailing even while being pulled but I think this was mainly due to their light weight. (They’re converted Hornby freightliners.) I took the decision to widen the curves to about 28” which cured the problem and to be honest I’ll never be propelling stock through those curves. By the way my 141s and 071s have no problems at all even on tighter curves and 4 whell stock is also fine. I’ve had no problems propelling over points and crossovers. All points are peco streamline small radius. Uncoupling is fine with the standard kadee magnets between the tracks. But coupling needs to be done on fairly straight sections or the couplers won’t line up. Again this gets much easier with smaller locos and 4 wheel stock.
  10. irishthump

    Murphy Models Class 201

    Well I recently fitted all my 141's/071's/201's with body mounted couplers so I removed all of the coupler mounts. On the 201 I ended up just snipping off the coupler pocket as I didn't the time or patience to disassemble the loco to remove it! The whole gory tale is here.
  11. irishthump

    Murphy Models Class 201

    Do you actually need to remove the coupler mount to fit the plate? I think the blanking plate just clips in front of the mount.
  12. irishthump

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Jesus, you had to say it didn't you.....
  13. irishthump

    Deltic in 4mm, By Accurascale

    Jesus lads youse are gonna break me! Think I’ll have to take the plunge with one of these. Was looking at the Bachmann version but this one looks the business.
  14. irishthump

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Guys, Just looking at the CAD renderings on the IRM page. The CAWS guard seems to obstruct the NEM pocket, is the CAWS guard removable or is there further tweaking to be done?
  15. irishthump

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Thanks, Fran. 054 is fine!

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