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  1. Happy Christmas to all IRM.comers

    Not around as much lately but Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to one and all.....
  2. Silverfox - New Irish Coach releases

    Or maybe they could just treat us to a look at their own scratch-building/modifying skills?
  3. Guys, Some of the other members expressed an interest in seeing the new Full Throttle features from ESU in action. I've finally got around to putting together a short video which will hopefully give you an idea of how they work. I'll just describe the main features, all of which can be assigned to any function key you want. Drive Hold - When activated this locks the speed of the loco at whatever speed the loco was moving when the function key is pressed allowing the engine sound to be increased or decreased without affecting the speed of the loco. If this is activated while the loco is stationary it will remain stationary no matter how high the throttle is increased; very useful to simulate starting a heavy train. Brake - if this is activated when the loco is moving it brings the loco to a stop as well as triggering the sound of the brakes being "set" to the on position. The engine sound will also drop when the brake is applied even if the throttle is not adjusted. When the brakes are released there is a hiss of air before the loco moves off. Coast - When activated this drops the engine sound to idle and allows the speed of the loco to be controlled with the throttle. Run 8 - When activated this sends the engine sound directly to notch 8, again to simulate starting a heavy train. To be honest I don't use Coast or Run 8 much as I find you can produce the same effects with Drive Hold and Brake. One other thing to mention is that the engine sounds respond VERY quickly to throttle changes which makes for very realistic driving. Anyway here's the short video of 182 shunting a rake of MK3's on my layout. The decoder is loaded with the prototypical EMD 645 soundfile which sounds great. Hope that's of some use to you guys. I'll try and post some more in depth videos if anybody wants them.
  4. Looks dreadful..... http://http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36774059
  5. Folks, Haven't been doing much as railway related modelling lately but I have been busy with some of my wargaming miniatures. Same cr*p, different scale as my wife likes to point out! Here's a batch of WW2 American and German tanks in 1/100 or 15mm scale. A platoon of 4 Shermans, M4A3's to be exact. A German Panther and Tiger...
  6. A Class marker lights.

    Guys, How many rear facing red marker lights did the A class have? There seem to be 2 pairs of light housings on each end of the loco but any photos I've seen only show one red marker (the same as the 141/181/071's) and two white when running forward. Specifically referring to Supertrain era locos here. Cheers,
  7. Just saw the weed spray train head southbound through Salthill and Monkstown station. Didn't even get a chance for a picture!
  8. I recently installed sound decoders in a couple of my MM 141's and I thought I'd post this little video comparing the sound from different speakers. Both locos contain the same Loksound decoders and are both loaded with the same soundfile. The volume settings are identical on both. MM142 is fitted with a bass enhanced speaker that can be bought from several suppliers. I removed the back from the housing to allow it to fit into the body without any surgery to the loco. MM165 used a 4ohm speaker from Maplins and was a perfect fit into the cradle on the loco frame. These speakers are available from several other suppliers but I just happened to see them for sale in Maplins and picked up a couple at €4.50 each. The part no. is ABS-224-RC which is a 4ohm speaker but they also sell an 8ohm speaker (part no. ABS-216-RC) which is also suitable for the LOksound V4. (Both speakers will also work with Zimo decoders.) One thing with this speaker is that you have to secure it into the cradle either through the screw holes provided or with some sticky mastic or Blu Tac. Otherwise the speaker will rattle like crazy! Anyway here's the video, decide for yourself which sounds better. But I think the Maplins speaker as a but more low end to it.
  9. I just saw this video over on RMWeb and I was surprised I hadn't seen it here. Sounds excellent IMHO.
  10. Have a look at this.... This guy built a DCC controller to resemble a full sized loco cab! The earlier videos he posted show how he assembled it, but this one shows it in action...
  11. Irishthump's new layout.

    Been working quietly on the new layout the last few weeks and finally have something to show for it! Progress has been slow but the baseboards are finished and I'll be starting to lay the track hopefully this weekend. I decided to make this layout at a more comfortable height to work on (the old layout was barely 3ft high and it was a nightmare to access wiring under the baseboards). These baseboards are about 4.5 feet high, roughly chest height. I'm also hoping to add another level above this in the future. Here's a few pics... This section is about 15ft long and I plan to put a fair sized passenger terminus and freight yard here. Off to the right; there will be a double track loop about 8ft square. Possibly an engine shed and refuelling point along this side. The opposite side to the planned terminus. This will be another station with a run around so I can turn trains and send them back onto the mainline. And back around to where we started. This section will be removable as it's right over the attic door.
  12. Lads and lassies, Have a 071 and 201 chip for sale. These are Zimo chips bought from Model Shop Belfast, both in perfect order. Looking for €200 for the pair. Based in South Dublin so can arrange for them to be picked up if the buyer is local. If posting I'll only send them registered and insured so that will add about €10 to the price. Can accept Paypal if needs be. Here's a couple of videos of the decoders: [video=youtube;oDiEKnC-Q-I]
  13. Lads, Here's a couple of short videos of a couple of Loksound decoders that I managed to get reprogrammed over the weekend. Using the ESU Lokprogrammer I've programmed the decoders so that all 3 of my 141's have different sounding engines. I programmed 161 using a sound file with a different version of the 567 engine. (These can all be downloaded from the ESU website). This engine sounds like it might need a service! 182 has the 645 engine sound... I think Health and Safety might have a word with that CIE employee hanging out of 182!
  14. Lads, Have 2 of these decoders for sale. Bought from the Model Shop Belfast, in perfect working order. Here's a video of the same decoder in action.... Looking for €160 for the pair plus postage, or can be collected in the Dublin area.
  15. Seperate section for DCC.

    Suggestion for the "Powers that Be"; With all the discussion about DCC sound and DCC control in general, maybe it should have it's own seperate section? Just a thought....

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