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  1. irishthump

    Kingsbridge - Kadee + coupling conversions

    That's exactly what I was suggesting! I find body mounted couplers on long stock are far more reliable over curves and points than bogie-mounted. Once they have enough room to swing, of course.
  2. irishthump

    Kingsbridge - Kadee + coupling conversions

    Noel, am I right in thinking that the section the coupler fits into is actually part of the coach underframe and not part of the coupler? In that case, if I were you I'd be tempted to go the whole hog and cut that section from the bogie then attach it to the underside of the coach. Should then be easy enough to fettle an opening to fit a draft box into. An undershot, long shank Kadee (no. 147) would fit perfectly. It looks like it would sit far enough back to give close coupling and the long shank should give it plenty of room to swing on curves.
  3. irishthump

    eBay Watch

    Wow. Couple of years ago I picked up a B&T 141 (165) on Ebay for 40Euro. Granted it was unboxed and missing the detail pack but I still snapped it up...
  4. irishthump

    win for Accurascale

    Have to agree. Preordered my own Deltic with sound yesterday!😀
  5. irishthump

    win for Accurascale

    Should have been the gold!😁 Seriously though, well done lads. Terrific result!
  6. irishthump

    IRM Bubbles Almost Sold Out. Would you like more?

    Would have to agree, Fran. Supply them pristine and let the modeller do as they please.
  7. irishthump

    MM 071 chip in a 181...?

    Ah right. Yeah that's a standard function that's built in to the Loksound decoder. Turns off momentum.
  8. irishthump

    MM 071 chip in a 181...?

    What does the F16 light engine mode actually do?
  9. irishthump

    MM 071 chip in a 181...?

    Yeah it will work for either depending on which engine sound is loaded onto the chip. Any idea if he's using ESU to supply the decoder like he did with the 071/201's?
  10. irishthump

    eBay Watch

    For anyone interested in that sort of thing.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CIE-C-class-LIMA-BR-class-33-HO-scale-locomotive/153341097717?hash=item23b3d776f5:g:o78AAOSwUP5cPk94
  11. irishthump

    Vote for IRM!

    Done! Best of luck!
  12. irishthump


    Just bear in mind you'll lose the cab lights and probably headlights at one end. From what I've read the TTS decoders only have 3 functions. Yeah you could use the TTS speaker once it fits in the shell. The factory installed one isn't great anyway.
  13. irishthump

    murphy models sound chip for 201

    Sounds like it may be the speaker alright. Can you try the decoder in another loco to make sure it isn’t faulty?
  14. irishthump


    It would just be a matter of soldering the tts chip to the speaker. But the tts decoders are 8 pin so you’d need an adapter to fit it into the 21 pin socket. And then you would still lose some of the lighting functions.
  15. irishthump

    murphy models sound chip for 201

    Are you getting any sounds at all?

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