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  1. Richard EH

    Murphy Models 121

    Better get saving then, I guess! Starting to become an expensive hobby....! Richard.
  2. Richard EH

    New models with a 3D printer

    Yep! I've done a number of GNRi vehicles, some of which are up on shapeways. Unfortunately, with the changes to shapeways pricing a couple of years back, it made vehicles like the F16 and K15 unaffordable. That and the lack of my own 3d printer has slowed my output. I do like the W1 though, they're such a great vehicle to model! Richard.
  3. Richard EH

    New models with a 3D printer

    Hi all, For wooden bodied stock, the shapeways materials don't do too bad a job, in my view - with careful finishing the grained effect is ideal for wooden stock. This GNRi W1 is entirely 3d printed by shapeways (apart from wheels, couplings and buffer heads!) - the material formerly known as white strong and flexible does a great job for the 6 wheel flexichass. Cheers for now. Richard.
  4. Richard EH


    Fabulous photos all, ta for sharing! Didn't have a huge amount of time to visit the layouts with show duties to do; but it was great to catch up with Leslie, Andy and Richard. As always great to natter, and pick up a few must haves! Richard's done a great job on getting the SLNCR drawings scanned and printed.... Cheers for now! Richard.
  5. Richard EH


    See you all there over Warley weekend! If you're passing stand A, say HI, I may even be able to point you in the right direction, no doubt I'll also be able to swing by the IRRS and Andy's layout at some point over the weekend too.... Cheers for now! Richard.
  6. Richard EH

    Heritage Irish Stock

    Colin, The diagram books as scanned in will be just up your street. I've been amazed by the quality of the scans; some real gems! Cheers for now. Richard.
  7. Richard EH

    Heritage Irish Stock

    The IRRS drawings are being drawn up by a small team - are you heading to Warley? There'll no doubt be some copies there... Richard.
  8. Richard EH

    Heritage Irish Stock

    Give it a go, carriage building is great fun, and I've certainly enjoyed building and designing a few GNRi coaches. It's certainly better to build in the extra width to the vehicles, if you can, it is noticeable! Cheers for now. Richard.
  9. Richard EH

    ooworks, J15

    That's great news Leslie! Looking forward to seeing these delivered! Richard.
  10. Richard EH


    I did the same - valve design body, bullant chassis and detailing. The best option at present - plenty of modelling with a reasonable chance of a good outcome from the build! Richard.
  11. Richard EH

    J M Design overlays for Dapol coaches

    Sounds good! I'd be interested as well! Richard,
  12. Richard EH

    GNRi : Mak cousin!

    Fans of the GNRi MAK diesel may like to take a look at the link below. It's close cousin off the production line appears to be running a railtour in Germany soon: worth a look if you're interested: https://europeantraction.com/2018/04/17/monday-21st-may-2018-railtour-with-german-mak-hydraulic-800011/ Cheers for now. Richard.
  13. Richard EH

    IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Well done guys, that's a fair amount of product to work up and produce. At least with some notification, we can aim to save up - I've my eye on the ballast vans and some fertiliser wagons, I think! Cheers for all the hard work! Richard.
  14. Richard EH

    GNRi 0-6-0 Look-a-like

    Nelson did a great job of converting a Bachmann C class into a GNRi PGs I think? It's on my long term list to do something similar! Cheers for now. Richard,
  15. Richard EH

    MGWR Inspection Saloon

    The photo's in Des Coakham's 'Irish Broad Gauge Carriages, page 18 - sporting the rough shunt damage that appears to have condemned it. Looks to me as though it's in green with a stripe, no flying snail, just a number. Cheers for now. Richard.

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