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  1. Looks good John! I'll have one at least! Richard
  2. Hi John This is a really interesting development, as a GN modeller, the open wagon is of interest. Yes, it's pricey, for sure - it'd be easier to keep each unit at around the £50 mark, as £100 is a big lump in one go....! I'll fill in the survey, good luck with the venture! Richard.
  3. A curious choice, but perhaps it's as a result of it's use on the LSWR as well. Ah well! Richard
  4. Hi all, I see Oxford Rail have announced a rather nice crane: https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=697 anyone know if any ever ran in Ireland? Cheers for now! Richard.
  5. Reasonable run on the original batch, but they've been out a while and are sold through. Ebay or occasionally on the for sale or wanted page on here your best bet! Cheers for now! Richard.
  6. Hi all, Hattons have announced today a new range of four and six wheel coaches in 00 scale, today . Link here They've seen a gap in the market based around recent Victorian locomotives - with nothing to pull! The first batch will be available in 2021 and comprises a number of combinations and liveries - too many to list here, but the link will show you what they plan to do! The only big omission so far seems to be a full brake - perhaps that will emerge in time. They are clear that the models are 'generic' - not based on any one prototype, but aim to provide a generic style an
  7. Enjoy euro-ex, it's usually a great show! Llangollen diesel gala for me... Richard.
  8. Hi Leslie, Hope all is well with you? Put me down for three kits, please! Cheers for now. Richard.
  9. Ta, bit late for me, in that case! Richard.
  10. Looks great, do we know what era this is - late 50's or early 60's....? Richard.
  11. Oh I know, you're right, the costsa aren't that different just musing, really! Going to need(need... or want....?!) a grey one and a mixed IE/IR pair.....! Cheers for now! Richard.
  12. Re Double packs - a powered and unpowered would work quite well - but I guess not really much change in the price, in reality! Cheers for now! Richard.
  13. Mk1 GSV is an excellent call - loads of cravens looking for a brake vehicle! A WT would be a great steam loco to have RTR, I'd also vote for a S class as well, as that'd also cover the modern era. 85 goes without saying, too Richard.
  14. Hi, Like you'd I been searching for a copy of this book for some time. I finally tracked a copy down to the NRM in York, if you drop a line to them, they can bring it into their reference library. I was disappointed.... It's quite dated now, and as Leslie says, the IRRS drawings are of much much better quality! Richard,
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