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  1. Did anyone hear about the cheese??

  2. There is a page on Facebook {FB} which I have been following from the start after a friend shared it. The page gives a insight & a look behind the sences of the Ambulance service in Northern Ireland, better known as the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service or NIAS for short. At this point, your problay thinking i'm just going on about NIAS's own FB page, but im not (although, i do recommend following them), the page i'm talking about is actually called The Teddy Medics. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2022505857994836&id=1986675954911160 The paramedics & tech's behind The Teddy Medics use hand-knitted teddys (which are based off NIAS personal) in a fun, funny & creative way to give a look behind the sences of a everyday life of a paramedic & tech within the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.... I highly recomend checking them out! -->> https://www.facebook.com/The-Teddy-Medics-1986675954911160/ Image: One of Teddy Medics in the new, all-green NIAS uniform - image by the knitter of the bears & uniform.
  3. World: We need to cut DOWN on light pollution
    Northern Ireland: *Installs super bright street lights*
    World: *sigh* There's always one
    Northern Ireland:   :P   :P

    1. Georgeconna


      That should improve the Aurora tourism! Love it when the power was off for the few days last month, the sky was Fab.

  4. tonybonneyba

    Photoshop Project(s)

    IndeEd yOu coulD, And tHat is oNe oF the MaNy gReat uSeS of photoShop
  5. GNRI 80 Class?? O.o

    1. jhb171achill


      The list could be endless. Anything UTA or NIR in CIE black'n'tan on the basis that there was never a border. Anything Irish at all in BR corporate blue on the basis that the whole of ireland became part of British Rail!

  6. tonybonneyba

    Photoshop Project(s)

    Moving on.... Here is one I done a while back of NIR 80 Class in Enterprise Swril. Front image supplied by Milepost98 on Flickr, with permission....
  7. A Thread for those wHo create photoshop photos.... A photoshopped CAF class 3000 No. 3003 with a new 'face' livery traveling through City Hospital. The front is now similar to the CAF class 4000 'face' livery & (2016+) Enterprise livery.
  8. Thank you Mr / Ms Skinner
  9. Good Morning, Good Evening & Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen, I write this post this morning to ask if anyone has a copy of the route add on by Making Tracks for Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) of the Belfast to Dublin line (& Navan, Alexzander Road lines) called Irish Enterprise South (part 2 of the two part add on) & if by any chance if they also have the expansion pack for this route, 'Irish Enterprise Expasion' & if so, would anyone be willing to sell or lend me a copy please? I did have the two, but I seemed to have missed placed them & can not find them after alot of hunting, though, i do still have the part 1 of the route. Thank you in advance. The image is the cover of the Irish Enterprise Expasion.
  10. tonybonneyba

    Hornby Trains O gauge track

    Hello, I have a friend selling a few boxes of original Hornby Trains O Gauge track for Hornby Trains clock work Trains with a few track accerises & she asked if I could ask for a price guide on these. They are all in their original boxes but are '2nd' hand items. Any ideas? -. Thanks in advance, Tony.
  11. tonybonneyba

    Wear it blue!

    This week (27/03/2017 - 02/04/2017) was Autism Awareness Week, today is World Autism Awareness Day & April is Autism Awareness month.... I created this 'poster' two years ago to support World Autism Day/ month, show your support & wear something blue!
  12. tonybonneyba

    Class 111 Photos

    Some Photos of the GM EMD Class 111 from a private depot tour 8113 8111 8113 Image of 112 too large
  13. tonybonneyba

    NIR GMs in 2017

    I belive they are in a good condition, as the went through a over haul not too long ago. They currently see a lot of PWD work and the odd RPSI rescue mission. If I remember tomorrow, i'll post some detailed photos of em' from my last depot tour in YRD in 2016.
  14. tonybonneyba

    Emd cl071

    Cheers! Will do that!
  15. tonybonneyba

    Emd cl071

    Hello! I was wondering where I could get my hands on a Class 071 chasis, powered or unpowered, doesn't really matter. Thanks!

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