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  1. It has light Jim! Somewhere Rly. Station Update: ○ Ballast has been laid & glued down on Platform 1 side ○ Car Park Details added (See other photos) ○ Ulsterbus Urby / Wright Streetdeck Demo card model which houses a wireless Bluetooth speaker ('Onn') has been added VID_24820830_103225_235.mp4 Example of the real Urby.... ○ RGB LED Lights added to Platform 1 VID_27190527_180001_353.mp4
  2. I use a bluetooth 'Onn' (Asda/Walmart own brand) speaker hidden in the Urby card bus to play announcements or other sounds. I also use it to playmusic whilst working on that section (Somewhere Station).... VID_24820830_103225_235.mp4
  3. Anyone got a Hornby DCC select they don't want anymore?

  4. The Next Train to arrive on Platform One is the 1723 service to River Nore. Calling at River Nore only! This service is formed of 3 coaches. Please remain behind the yellow line until your train has came to halt & allow passengers to alight before trying to board.

  5. SOMEWHERE UPDATE: Here is a summary of the updated Somewhere station section; ○ Holes cut in box ○ Knee stabed ○ Track glued down ○ P.A system fitted.... VID_31160130_210258_282.mp4 VID_31261110_194033_731.mp4
  6. Nothing. Nothing has gone to plan! Also no Garden layout.... too costly! Sorry.... Attempt two! - He's at it again.... But, there WILL BE a Holyfast Depot & a River Nore station sometime in the future, just can't say when.... but it'll be on a different layout to this 'plan'. Anyways, heres the almost complete branch line station; "Somewhere" for this layout.... Station Name Sign Left Side Station (NIR) Posters Right Side Station (Enterprise) Posters Station Rear Station PosterStation FrontPlatform Edge82084101 with 8208Coffee Shop Sign
  7. Morning peps, Happy New Year! Would anyone know where one could find a photo of an O&K Sugarbeat locomotive with the number on the bufferbeam? As far as i'm aware, the Irish O&K Sugarbeat locomotives carried three plus liveries.... ○Large painted side tank number with yellow lining O&K No.3 with this livery at DCDR on its first day back in pass. service. Dec.2018 ○Small brass side tank number with yellow lining O&K No. 1 with this livery at DCDR. Aug.2018 ○Painted bufferbeam number, possibly with yellow lining? no photo As to this, would anyone know of any other liveries the O&K carried? - Me & a mate sat up past 4am last night discussing this via text Thx in advance! Also, thanks for the help on the "Chips" subject
  8. "Someone" is building an O&K Sugarbeat shunter! 😊😊

    Progress can be followed on this Twitter Tweet Thread....



  9. How does one plot revenage on physics & gravity?? 😒

  10. Here are two PRIDE CAF Class 4000 liveries designed earlier this year to support Equality across NI. Sadly, Translink didn't use them but did update their logo which was a win

    "Its not the journey or the destination,  its who you are travelling with"


  12. about to move big bulky furniture. 

    whish i was playing trains

    or sleeping.... yeah, sleeping sounds great....

  13. Ah. I think i understand.... So, i need to put the spring clip - with the insulation sleeve - back on the top of the motor?
  14. Bah Humbug! Friend lent me his loco aslong as i fixed it, it wouldn't move, noticed the pick up on one side was missing, so hacked in a little old hornby tank (which had motor problems, i'm going replace that later in 2019) & stole one of its pick ups, the tender loco smoked up. Decided to replace the motor, new one didn't fit in the shell.... replace both pick ups? - No movement & no smoke (its not suposse to smoke anyhow). Any ideas?? Images show it with new pickups wired in place of the old ones....
  15. Ahh, sounds easy enough. I don't mind lossing cab lights.... pointless for my shunting layout anyways. Theres enough room in the 201 for the TTS speaker, maybe i should keep that one instead?
  16. Ah, but the TTS chip has built on speaker
  17. I have a MM Class 201 DCC & DCC Sound Ready, I also have a Hornby TTS Class 67 sound chip which has a speaker attached.... you see where this is going? If one wanted to "plug in" the 67 sound chip to th 201 (which already has a speaker), how would one do this? Thx in advance! Side note: i'm not going to buy a MM CL201soundchip, its too dare at the moment for me....
  18. Did anyone hear about the cheese??

  19. There is a page on Facebook {FB} which I have been following from the start after a friend shared it. The page gives a insight & a look behind the sences of the Ambulance service in Northern Ireland, better known as the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service or NIAS for short. At this point, your problay thinking i'm just going on about NIAS's own FB page, but im not (although, i do recommend following them), the page i'm talking about is actually called The Teddy Medics. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2022505857994836&id=1986675954911160 The paramedics & tech's behind The Teddy Medics use hand-knitted teddys (which are based off NIAS personal) in a fun, funny & creative way to give a look behind the sences of a everyday life of a paramedic & tech within the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.... I highly recomend checking them out! -->> https://www.facebook.com/The-Teddy-Medics-1986675954911160/ Image: One of Teddy Medics in the new, all-green NIAS uniform - image by the knitter of the bears & uniform.
  20. World: We need to cut DOWN on light pollution
    Northern Ireland: *Installs super bright street lights*
    World: *sigh* There's always one
    Northern Ireland:   :P   :P

    1. Georgeconna


      That should improve the Aurora tourism! Love it when the power was off for the few days last month, the sky was Fab.

  21. IndeEd yOu coulD, And tHat is oNe oF the MaNy gReat uSeS of photoShop
  22. GNRI 80 Class?? O.o

    1. jhb171achill


      The list could be endless. Anything UTA or NIR in CIE black'n'tan on the basis that there was never a border. Anything Irish at all in BR corporate blue on the basis that the whole of ireland became part of British Rail!

  23. Moving on.... Here is one I done a while back of NIR 80 Class in Enterprise Swril. Front image supplied by Milepost98 on Flickr, with permission....
  24. A Thread for those wHo create photoshop photos.... A photoshopped CAF class 3000 No. 3003 with a new 'face' livery traveling through City Hospital. The front is now similar to the CAF class 4000 'face' livery & (2016+) Enterprise livery.
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