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  1. I just saw the Belmond Grand Hibernian in Galway this week. Impressive looking train - . Great to see that not all of the MK3s ended up on scrap heap after all and are back in service in all their glory. I lamented the awful footage on YouTube of them being ripped apart. We have some added variety on our rails now thankfully. There's definitely a nice re-spray opportunity here for someone to take up!
  2. I seem to have a lost a spring buffer on one of my Murphy Models Class 201 locos somewhere along the way and want to see how I can get a replacement? Any ideas?
  3. Offloading either no longer required or never used models from my collection. Hornby Skaledale R9658 Workshop Building - New - 25 euro Hornby Skaledale R9709 Headingly Insurance Office - New - 25 euro Hornby Skaledale R9774 Merchant Bank - New - 25 euro Bachmann Scenecraft 44-141 Two Lane Traction Depot - New - 60 euro Bachmann Scenecraft 44-102 Drive Through Restaurant - Used, Boxed as New - 25 euro Bachmann Scenecraft 44-065 Art Deco Platform Centre Building - Used, Boxed as New - 35 euro Bachmann Scenecraft 44-127 Covered Footbridge - New - 30 euro Should be cheaper than anything you'll find on eBay. Will post if required (postage extra).
  4. I am selling a used Lima LT600001 3 x CIE MkII Coach Set in the Galway Livery. Coaches are in excellent condition (see photos). Looking for 140 euro + P&P. Enjoy the photos and thanks for looking. Paypal or cash if collecting in person.
  5. The time has come for me to part with my first ever Irish railway model - the original HO gauge version of the CIE "Supertrain". Always an excellent runner to this day (better than most Hornby locos from the same era). I'm converting my last circuit to DCC so it's time to let go of the non DCC part of my collection. I've posted the set on ebay: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/-/331708079421 and also made a short to give me something to remember a set which punched above it's weight in my collection until Mr.Murphy started to do his thing. Some photos below for those not familiar with these sets. They were all we had in terms of Irish railway production models in their day. I also had a particular liking for the Lima couplings. Would prefer them to most of todays.
  6. I'm selling a boxed "As New" Hornby R3286TTS BR Class 40 Empress of Canada "D232" with TTS Sound which was an unwanted gift. It may not be Murphy Models but it's an excellent entry point to the world of model railway digital sound and it costs less than a Murphy Models sound decoder! First 100 euro secures plus 8 euro to cover registered post. Payment via Paypal.
  7. I've just chipped two MM 201's with Hatton's DCR-21pin DCC decoder. Everything works fine except for the cab lights. I know the lights work as I previously had a Lokosound decoder in one of the 201s an it could control the cab light. My CV settings are as follows: CV33 = 1 CV34 = 2 CV35 = 4 CV36 = 8 CV49 = 0 CV50 = 16 CV51 = 32 CV52 = 32 F0 - controls the front and rear lights fine F1 - turns the front headlight permanently ON/OFF (now I'd ideally like the headlight to switch automatically to the rear when the loco is reversed) F2 - turns the rear headlight permanently ON/OFF F3 - Does nothing - was hoping this would turn the cab light ON/OFF I have to say that the documentation supporting DCC decoders and DCC-ready locos is pathetic. When you spend 150+ euro on a DCC ready loco and 250+ euro on DCC sound loco the lack of supporting material really isn't good enough. Posting complete CV settings on the web doesn't cost a lot. Rant over. Any help with the above would be welcome. I'm going to email Hatton's support as well and will post any response here to share with people.
  8. Anyone have one of these for sale or know where I might pick one up? http://www.themodelcentre.com/1253/

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