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  1. At 60 euro a pop when purchasing 3 sets together, this represents excellent value given the quality of the coaches and the fact that they have inbuilt lighting. Compare these to the price of Bachmann's latest MK2 coaches with DCC controlled lighting at a cool £94.95 RRP and we should be thankful to IRM for a reasonable price to start out with along with the bundled pricing for the NIR coaches which doesn't appear to be getting offered for the BR and NSE coaches. My pre-order is in! I'll also add my vote for a re-run of the NIR liveries from MM. I'd love to get my hands on a 112 or 113 without having to re-mortgage the house.
  2. Just came across these videos in my feed. The sheer variety of locomotives, rolling stock and train configurations was incredible in the 90s - so much more interesting than today. Was this the Golden Age of Irish Railways which we are now recreating in the Golden Age of Irish Railway Modelling? Video#3 - I never appreciated how physical a job it was to be a signalman in those days!
  3. Online purchases have probably killed off most of the model shops. Post Brexit I think there is a renewed opportunity for model shops, particularly for UK models from the likes of Hornby, Bachmann and Dapol as well as the Irish stuff and the raft of scenery and supporting items. IRM are hosing up a lot of the Irish online purchases of course and will surely grow their Accurascale sales over time for UK models. When you consider the hassle of dealing with returns to the UK now being able to walk down to your local model shop is a far more appealing option. The relationships between the likes of Hattons and Rails with vendors such as Hornby appear to be fractured so these vendors are no longer the one stop shop they were in the past. I recently paid 18 euro to a courier for "handling" the VAT associated with a UK order. That was on top of 20 euro for the courier in the first place. If I could get what I wanted locally, even at a modest premium I'd gladly do it. Also there is no online equivalent to the actual experience of visiting your local model shop of course. God be with the days.
  4. BREAKING NEWS eBay support have responded to me that they believe my assertion is correct and are escalating the issue to their technical team. They will get back to me once they have a further update. Let's see where this goes now.
  5. Just got a response from revenue. This was my question to them: I wanted to confirm that my understanding is correct. This transaction is between two private individuals - the seller in the south, the buyer in the North and my understanding that there should be no VAT due on this transaction and moreover the shipping of the item does not require any customs declaration as it would do if the buyer was in mainland UK. Am I correct? Revenue response: "You are correct in your understanding. This sees to be a private sale between two private individuals and is a matter between you and ebay. Revenue cannot interfere in this private transaction." So there you have it. Now let's see what eBay come back with.
  6. Here's the rub, the VAT charged on this transaction was UK VAT not Irish VAT - there was a GB VAT reference added to the buyers address in Paypal. If eBay are going to collect VAT on every single transaction for sellers who are not VAT registered then so be it. I'll just stop using it altogether. I recently (April) sold some stuff to a number of buyers in Europe (EU countries) and no VAT was applied so if any of these buyers had been in the North it looks like eBay would have hit them with VAT. This is the inconsistency I have a problem with. I await responses from my queries to both eBay and Revenue on this....
  7. I completed an eBay sale to a modeler in the North on Friday night and noted on the Paypal invoice that eBay had charged a 20% "Sales Tax" on the item. Now am I imagining things or are eBay out of line here? I have emailed both eBay and the Revenue Commissioners on the matter for clarification but if eBay are entitled to do this it makes a mockery of any Good Friday agreement and any Northern Ireland Protocol and my next emails will be to some politicians. Any one else with similar experiences? Brexit has been a nightmare for modelers. This is close to the last straw for me.
  8. I've had 3-4 deliveries from them since Brexit without any problems. Effectively no different from the pre-Brexit experience with them which has been a relief. I had a double VAT hit with Hornby but got them to refund me the UK VAT which they shouldn't have charged me with in the first place.
  9. And Hattons are registered for Irish VAT so that means painless deliveries (and no extra processing fees) and painless returns if you have a problem. With anyone else you're going to have to claim your VAT back from the courier who paid it if your return something. I'm not aware of any other UK supplier providing this (apart from Amazon which wouldn't be my first stop for railway models). Does anyone know of anyone else? eBay purchases from the UK are a total disaster post Brexit. Don't get me going ....
  10. Nice surprise this morning even if my credit card was running hot from two Class A's last night. I missed the Tara Mines first time out and always regretted it so my order is in - I don't care if they're a re-hash of the previous model, that's fine with me - they've got new running numbers at least for the previous owners to extend their rakes. I've never seen the blue Taras in model form before. Now if I could lay my hands on an NIR 071 in this blue livery, that's something I'd be interested in.....
  11. Yeah, they use the term "Super H0" - it was a marketing ploy to help sell this set in a predominantly H0 market. All is revealed below. I's not a bad set, though these locos show their age running wise. That doesn't stop folks looking for £200 for these locos on their own on eBay. We await an IRM Irish steam offering to signal the end of life of these models as MM did for the old Lima 201 offerings. Will be few years yet....
  12. And eBay are showing me £77.01 in import charge which shouldn't be the case here. Buy this instead and get a free loco! https://www.adverts.ie/toy-cars-trains-boats-planes/train-set/22265842
  13. After sitting on my camera for the last few months I've finally got around to editing and posting the following videos covering my Irish Railway Model wagon purchases at the end of last year. In the absence of the A-Class at this point, Murphy Models Classes 121, 181 and 071 are providing the traction. A review for the fertilser wagons is pending but I do have a running session below. Irish Railway Models (IRM) range of Irish Ballast Wagons and Ballast Ploughs Review: Running Session: Irish Railway Models (IRM) range of Irish Gypsum Ore Wagons Review: Running Session: Irish Railway Models CIE/IR 42’ Liner Flats Triple Pack Review: Running Session: Irish Railway Models (IRM) range of Irish Fertiliser Wagons Running Session:
  14. This has to be some kind of joke coming in at over 630 euro landed cost for any southern Irish purchaser. In all honesty it looks like something someone found in the bin (probably buried in the attic). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224427255044?ul_noapp=true My equivalent money will be going on two new IRM Class A's with sound decoders. In 10 years time we'll see how these compare value wise..... Thanks to Paddy Murphy and IRM we now a choice of vastly superior models to the likes of this.
  15. Bad news for this poor individual however. I hope they were UK based at least or this would have been a whopping £420 for a used Inter City 201. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Murphy-Models-201-Class-229-Inter-City-River-Maine-MM0229/143955901514?hash=item218470bc4a:g:860AAOSwSUBgMo9O&autorefresh=true They'll be kicking themselves when they read this stream!
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