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  1. 'Great British Carlow' - HO/OO Gauge Layout

    More Progress photos below. finished most of the window frames and glazings for the storey wings and the storey wings themselves.
  2. 'Great British Carlow' - HO/OO Gauge Layout

    After a month's hiatus with all the snow among other things, my layout progress is back on track! Started printing out the components for the storey wings ready to be glued onto card and put together today. Watch this space.
  3. Mcintosh did design the Dunalastair 721 class, and many were built or modified in various ways. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caledonian_Railway_721_Class
  4. Bachmann Europe are pleased to announce that we are producing a Branchline OO scale model of the Class 812 0-6-0 steam locomotive for Rails of Sheffield. The announcement was made today at the Model Rail Scotland show in Glasgow, following an agreement being reached with the Caledonian Railway 828 Trust. The following models are now available to pre-order with Rails of Sheffield (£30 deposit required): No. 828 in Caledonian Railway Blue livery (as preserved) No. 828 in Caledonian Railway Blue livery (as originally built) No. 17566 in LMS Black livery No. 57565 in BR Black, Early Emblem livery (weathered) No. 57566 in BR Black, Late Crest
  5. Robert's Workbench

    Good luck, Robbie58.
  6. Bachmann Thomas & Freinds Products for 2018

    Here are the place you can buy the Bachmann Thomas products in the UK. http://thedieselworks.co.uk/ http://tootallythomas.co.uk http://mclaren-models.com
  7. Bray late 50s and Hill

    Lovely photograph, Noel. Nice shot of Bray Hill.
  8. Bray late 50s and Hill

    Impressive, tintin.
  9. Courtesy of Bachmann Trains (USA). Dear Thomas & Friends™ fans,Below is a list of the new items we are announcing for 2018. This is the COMPLETE list and the only new items that will be announced in 2018. Happy rails!HO Scale58818 Grumpy Diesel (with moving eyes)76034 Gordon’s Express Brake Coach76035 Gordon’s Composite Coach77010 Spiteful Brake Van77008 Sodor Diesel Co. Tanker77009 Water Tanker Narrow Gauge77204 Red Carriage77205 Blue CarriageLarge Scale98022 Toffee Tanker 98023 Water Tanker 98024 Chocolate Syrup Tanker Please watch Bachmann’s website, www.bachmanntrains.com, for the official announcements of new Thomas & Friends™ product arrivals.
  10. Rails of Sheffield announced 18th June 2018 release of this model on their Facebook page
  11. Robert's Workbench

    The lads at Wexford Model Railway Club also think bird seed are good for sugar beet loads, Robbie58.
  12. Also Pre-orderable at Rails of Sheffield: https://railsofsheffield.com/br-4-6-2-sir-william-a-stanier-f-r-s-princess-coronation-class-modified-late-br-red-JJJA32294 Hattons: http://www.hattons.co.uk/244019/Hornby_R3555_Class_8P_Princess_Coronation_4_6_2_46256_Sir_William_Stanier_F_R_S_in_BR_maroon/StockDetail.aspx

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