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  1. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Great 5 part show it is. watching it every Sunday.
  2. 'Great British Carlow' - HO/OO Gauge Layout

    further CAD Designs for the Carlow Station Canopy. If you are wondering about the blue line on some of the images, it is to cut off the sharp points on the canopy sides.
  3. Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    Bachmann: somewhat of a hit and mess the 2018 Bachmann is for me, but I will be getting some of the new steel sided open wagons and vans based on LNER designs with vacuum pipes. although they did another Class 40 to celebrate the diesel class' 60th anniversary, they only did D248 in BR Green with Late Crest and indicator discs. I had hope they would try doing one of the Edinburgh Haymarket based Class 40s that in 1965 had their original gangway door ends replaced with straight cornered centre headcode boxes and square yellow panels (D260-D266), an attempt not done since Lima models' Class 40 D261. Hornby: Saw a few things that took my eye from their 2018 announcement, most notably their 15 Guinea Special Train Pack and their triple pack of Express Dairy milk tankers.
  4. The fact that the real Clans operated in North Western England and Scotland would probably explain why the Hornby has not made anymore Clan models recently, despite the fact old footage and images proved that they did travelled further south on occasion.
  5. As you may know, Hornby announced doing an OO Gauge BR Standard Class 6 'Clan' Pacific model in 2009, and between that and 2010, they made three Clan models, which are: R2846/X BR Standard Class 6 Clan 72000 'Clan Buchanan' in BR Lined Green Early Emblem R2847/X BR Standard Class 6 Clan 72008 'Clan Macleod' in BR Lined Green Late Crest R2925/X BR Standard Class 6 Clan 72005 'Clan Macgregor' in BR Lined Green Late Crest But, while searching through the Hattons Model Railway a few weeks back I came across this: http://www.hattons.co.uk/34571/Hornby_R2969_Clan_Class_4_6_2_72002_Clan_Campbell_BR_will_feature_as_part_of_the_Hornby_2011_/StockDetail.aspx It turns out Hornby was going to make a fourth Clan model: 72002 'Clan Campbell' in BR Lined Green Late Crest! It's product description from Hattons is, and I quote: "This item was announced in the Hornby Collectors club magazine in August 2010. The item was then planned to be part of the 2011 range but was not amongst the items announced on December 25th 2010." Took me by surprise!
  6. TV Channel 4 NOW - Biggest Little Railway

    Watch the first part of the programme today and it was really amazing! People from different backgrounds coming together to do a unique project, using their own special skills to make the impossible, POSSIBLE! Will being watching the rest of the episodes! I Highly recommend watching it.
  7. 'Great British Carlow' - HO/OO Gauge Layout

    Yes I am, Irishrailwayman. Bought one at the Wexford October Model Railway Exhibition at the local Christian Brothers School in 2014, along with The Auld House Pub.
  8. 'Great British Carlow' - HO/OO Gauge Layout

    Don't worry, jhb171achill. The information you have provided is still very valuable. Thank you once again! Kind Regards. Seanrail.
  9. 'Great British Carlow' - HO/OO Gauge Layout

    Thank you, Mayner for the information and web link! Glad you like the layout idea! Took me by surprise that Sancton Wood designed Carlow Station, despite sources that I have found saying that it was Benjamin John Mcneill that designed Carlow Station. Maybe both Mcneill and Wood designed the station together, correct me if I am wrong.
  10. 'Great British Carlow' - HO/OO Gauge Layout

    Thanks jhb171achill. The information you have provided me will be very valuable to my research for my station buildings. I appreciate the time you have taken to help me with my ongoing research. Thanks once again. Seanrail.
  11. 'Great British Carlow' - HO/OO Gauge Layout

    The period of my layout is the 1950's and 1960's. Any information, images or photographs of that period would be gratefully received. If you have any website links to obtain this information, please send them to me. Thanks in advance, jhb171achill. Kind regards, Seanrail for your reply to my request.
  12. 'Great British Carlow' - HO/OO Gauge Layout

    Thanks for the livery timeline, jhb171achill. That information is most helpful. Will redo the livery of the storey wings, and of course, the main station building.

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