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    I am from Jersey in the Channel Islands.


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  1. seanrail


  2. Cracking layout, and the photographs show.
  3. seanrail


    Those Tara Wagons look superb, and the spinning axles are probably a first for ready to run railway wagons. Nice work Irish Railway Models.
  4. Lovely work. Has come a long way since last post. Love the countryside backboard and the scenery work done on the pathways.
  5. Got take n play Rex, Mike and Bert the arlesdale miniature engines for future custom projects.
  6. Nice job with the coach, robert.
  7. sure was. Grey Season 1 Troublesome Truck project is now in the works.
  8. Modified my Bachmann Duck by painting his black buffer housings to their correct red colour.
  9. Progress on the pink open wagons coming along nicely, near finished. will be working on the grey Season 1 Troublesome Truck shortly.
  10. Nice autoballasters, Robert. Both old and new Irish Rail logos fit perfectly against the yellow livery.
  11. Modified my Bachmann S.C. Ruffey with black buffers and coupling hooks as well as painting a plastic coal load light grey for ballast. Bought Bachmann Troublesome Trucks over the years until, as of 2018, I have five each of the five Troublesome Trucks Bachmann has made, and swap the faces around.
  12. Added brake pipes to my Bachmann Rosie as the model came without them. Brake pipes came from my broken Bachmann Mavis. Pictures of my Bachmann James with his grey wheels, grey tender axles and red smokebox sides repainted to their correct black colour. bear in mind my James model is the original 2002-2016 model, as opposed to the 2017 redesign.
  13. Great Job on the signal box and the station building is coming along nicely. keep it up!
  14. Wexford_Model_Railway_Club_Exhibition_April_2014.mp4 Wexford_Model_Railway_Club_Exhibition_October_2014.mp4 Wexford_Model_Railway_Club_Exhibition_April_2015.mp4 Wexford_Model_Railway_Club_Exhibition_October_2015.mp4 Wexford_Model_Railway_Club_Exhibition_March_2016.mp4
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