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  1. GNRi1959

    Layout Plans

    Yes, Jason it helped. I now have three sides of the shed well advanced in the planning. The problem I have at the moment is bringing four lines at the Goods Shed into two and easing them into the curves at the opposite end to form the return. Shouldn't be too much trouble. Thanks
  2. GNRi1959

    World Cup

    And now they are building on their dreams to beat Belgium.
  3. GNRi1959

    World Cup

  4. GNRi1959

    World Cup

    Seen at the Returns Department of Ikea
  5. GNRi1959

    Curved Goods Store?

    This is what compromise looks like............
  6. GNRi1959

    Curved Goods Store?

    Exactly, I've reduced a lot of the length but it is still visually appealing, thanks
  7. GNRi1959

    Clogher Valley Project

    Just spent the morning going through the text and pictures David, an amazing wealth of modelling expertise you have shared with us here. It just takes you back to rural Ireland during the Clogher Valley era. A superb reference. Thanks
  8. GNRi1959

    Layout Plans

    Back to the design stage with trammel and point templates, some progress!
  9. GNRi1959

    barrow street

    Fascinating piece of work. It is remarkable to see the standard and level of expertise.
  10. GNRi1959

    Curved Goods Store?

    The Goods Store in Omagh was huge, measure well over 700mm in scale length. I would rather not start shortening it and narrowing it but I have considered the possibility of modelling it on a curve. Would it look awful?
  11. GNRi1959

    World Cup

    They're coming home!
  12. GNRi1959

    barrow street

    All the signs of either an architect or an engineer at work, am I correct Warb?
  13. GNRi1959

    Layout Plans

    Yes, but my railway design skills are another matter!
  14. GNRi1959

    Layout Plans

    A little bit of an extension added today..........
  15. GNRi1959

    Peco Code 75 Electrofrog Y-Points

    I have 5 x Peco SL-E198 Large Radius Y points as new £40 (postage not included) and 5 x pack of Gaugemaster Point Motors (unopened/unused/new) for £20 No longer available

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