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  1. GNRi1959

    barrow street

    Beyond belief!
  2. GNRi1959

    dwg file to Laser Cutter

    Anyone know of a service that has the capability of cutting Wills Scenic sheets on laser cutter from cad files?
  3. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    I've come to the conclusion that railway modelling and l are not compatible any longer. Yesterday, I lifted all my trackwork and this morning my son disposed of all baseboards to the local dump. I cleared out the shed and I have had a good spring clean in it. It's in prime condition. I am now going to take a complete break before deciding what to do next. I'm making no plans and certainly no promises!
  4. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    I don't think there is an ounce of modelling energy left in me............
  5. GNRi1959

    Garden Sheds and Heat

    In a high quality garden shed with Rockwool insulation around the walls and roof area, I was thinking of using an oil-filled radiator while I'm in there over winter months. I have ventilation at each gable of the shed through a 9"x4" vent and I allowed some air to circulate at the eaves by bringing the insulation back from the eaves slightly. Would this promote condensation? Any other shed users out there?
  6. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    The wine worked..........
  7. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Thank you for your words of encouragement David, they were always great encouragement to me. I'm taking a break from railway modelling and the number of times I drop in here. Gardening projects to keep me occupied.
  8. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    and finally, theres a good likelihood that a layout in the garden shed may come to an end very soon. I've had my belly full of hiding like a hermit in the shed with a hoodie and beanie on. This weekend I'm going to buy the wife a nice Indian and a bottle of her favourite red wine. Then I'm going to suggest that build a small end to end in my piano room, sitting on top of a series of 'Ikea Billy Bookcases'. It will be purely be a system to store all my railway books, vinyl, rolling stock and DVDs. On top, a simple end to end shunting layout measuring 2metres x 180mm. The shed will remain only as a workshop to build stock and scratch build.
  9. GNRi1959

    Display Cabinets

    Extreme...... I'm not going down that road, thanks
  10. GNRi1959

    7mm scale 101 - a tribute to Richard Chown

    I admire your skill and patience, always a pleasure to read your updates
  11. GNRi1959

    Display Cabinets

    Thanks, i'll check it out. Looks like the ideal retirement present for my railway efforts! https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8720791?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59157|acid:480-316-7430|cid:199887513|agid:17470456473|tid:pla-92279696073|crid:74692316193|nw:g|rnd:3617982153281093449|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:1007290&gclid=Cj0KCQiAmuHhBRD0ARIsAFWyPwi_j_r_0GigtAoCDvh7esVBp3vc7V4s122hMptm7IFZFtrUVrP_rNMaAs6QEALw_wcB
  12. GNRi1959

    Display Cabinets

    I know it sounds like a sin but does anyone know of nice display cabinets/shelves where you can store rolling stock - loco's and wagons - in the home.
  13. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Paddy, if its the embankments you refer to, they were formed with plywood cut to shape as supports and paris plaster bandage draped over it. Although I used about five layers of plaster bandage I'm not really pleased with it as it is NOT rock hard like a plaster cast would be on a broken arm or leg. I think it may be because the shed was quite cold when I done it and it hasn't dried out quick enough!
  14. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Paddy, also Wills Scenic Sheet. I took two pieces of 1.5mm birch ply and glued them together with woodworking glue. They were clamped together and placed in a former to curve them. 24hours later they were set so l took the wills sheeting and moulded them into a similar shape by bending them gentle over the edge of my bench. I stuck the sheeting to the ply using UHU glue and when dry cut it to shape with a scroll saw.
  15. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Paddy, no Wills Scenic Sheet glued to 1.5mm birch ply.

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