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  1. Omagh Goods Yard

    I see obvious problems at the moment where in the middle photograph the sidings need lengthening. I can remedy this by moving some of the point work ‘right to left’.
  2. Omagh Goods Yard

    Thanks Paul. That drop is for the lorries that backed up against a retaining wall below the track level. The grain was unloaded from the siding above.
  3. Omagh Goods Yard

    After many months of doubt and determination, Code 75 track and pointwork was temporarily placed on my baseboards and Omagh Goods Yard took its first breath. This time I used a well thought out plan that was simple and operational, with lots of advice and guidance from many. Five sections, including a fiddle yard were all built from new with no expense spared. Brass pattern makers dowels were used on all sections for good alignment and quality sprung suitcases catches that hold all sections together. Leaving the possibility of exhibition possible, though not essential. None of the track you see is fixed so I am still open to suggestions. The layout is goods only - focusing mainly on the Yard at Omagh and more interesting the movement of loose grain from wagons to the waiting grain lorries of Scotts Excelsior in town. A dropped section will allow for unloading loose grain from chutes on grain wagons to waiting lorries below and in latter years when wagons of bagged grain were unloaded onto Scotts flat bed lorries by hand. This has been verified by both employees of Scotts Mill and ex-GNRi shunters, still alive in Omagh today. A scratchbuild turntable, will turn locomotives at one end of the layout and a small fiddle yard will allow for storage and operation when exhibiting. When the track work is finalised a 3mm cork bed will be glued in place. The replica cast-iron signs were made by a friend, who does this type of thing as a hobby. Don't they look really well!
  4. GNRi Turntable

    Thanks Leslie, always keen to get anything relating to Omagh. I'm scratch building the turntable from some of the strangest of items - all will be revealed in time.
  5. GNRi Turntable

    Will be scratch building a GNRi turntable well and turntable based on Omagh, as seen below. Anyone got any ideas on the length of the bridge or diameter of the well on these structures?
  6. Models demand

    I firmly believe that if there were GNRi chassis underarms, complete with standard single braking lever it would have big appeal for scratch builders who wanted to use the chassis for various bodies above.
  7. Metal Baseboard Frames

    Paul A friend wanted them for an attic layout that needed to be transportable. My only reservations about them is they aren’t as easy to bore as timber.
  8. Metal Baseboard Frames

    David, I would never have dreamt of it but our plastering lecturer had a large consignment of it donated for training purposes and there was a 'wee bit' left over! I'll be honest, it took me less than 10 minutes to build each frame. Its so easy to cut and crimp using the proper dry walling tools.
  9. Metal Baseboard Frames

    Five metal baseboard frame made up today with intermediate rails. Ultra-lightweight and rigid.
  10. Metal Baseboard Frames

    Heres a sample I made up today and it really is firm. It is very simple to fit an intermediate section for added strength but really no need. Theres no risk of bending or warping, timber is more likely to do this through changes in moisture content.
  11. Metal Baseboard Frames

    In a small experiment today I made up a small baseboard frame in literally 10minutes using metal studding. The completed frame was absolutely rigid, square, in perfect alignment and lightweight. I thought it was a novel way of building quick frames that would withstand many years of abuse. The only problem I would envisage would be the obvious danger of contact with electricity.
  12. OO Work UG Class 0-6-0

    Fresh appeal for anyone willing to sell a OO Works GNRi UG class 0-6-0
  13. North Down Model Show

    I'll be there and would love to meet up. Coffee and a chat, I'm up for that.
  14. Painting baseboards

    I thought that brianmcs which is why I painted the underside and threw this out for debate. I agree. Cheers
  15. Painting baseboards

    Can anyone comment on the behaviour of plywood in a garden shed over the life of a model railway. I have just painted the edges and undersides of my baseboards with grey primer/undercoat as a treatment to seal and protect. The shed is insulated, dry and cool on the inside with ventilation at the gables. Would you bother painting the top side of the ply which is where I was going to glue down my 3mm cork surface before track laying? It's easy done but my thinking was that a coating of exterior PVA wood glue to stick the cork would be enough, whats your view?

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