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  1. Have you tried Templot?

    Spent the best of a week using Templot and although its quite daunting at first i am getting to enjoy the feel of the programme. You can import scanned scale drawings into the drawing screen and from there you can actually organise your track over the background imagine. Tonight i finished the Omagh shed and turntable area and was surprised as to how big it was even in n- gauge. The printout gives you a perfect layout plan but be warned, this is not like any other siftware. It will test your patience, it is very intelligent software.
  2. Looking for Jamie Mitchell

    Does anyone know if Jamie Mitchell is a member or visits this forum? A PM would be appreciated
  3. Free-Photos from Dundalk

    I have TEN small original b&w photographs (not modern day scans) of U-Class and Vs-class locos at Dundalk from 1950s. No interest to me. First person who PMs me gets them, they measure 85mm x 60mm. So nice.
  4. The Irish N-gauge debate

    I'm at a point where my new shed is nearing completion. External landscaping and internal second fixing almost complete. Before I start thinking any more about layout scheme I wanted to check out the viability of N gauge in Irish. I was highly impressed with Gerry Byrne's 'Llangollen' at Enniskillen but does it work with Irish layouts? I'm not debating the track dimensions, purely space available.
  5. Not another garden shed posting!

    I was hoping to get some feedback on modellers who are currently working in garden sheds, whether modelling or storing layouts. As you know I have a new shed in place and just yesterday someone suggested that since I don't have a vapour barrier on the outer shed framing I would get mould and dampness inside my shed cavity. Basically, the shed is high quality tongue and grooved boards on a 3" framework. The roof is felted over the timber rafters and PVC coated corrugated tin on top. I have filled the void in the walls with Rockwool insulation and sheeted the inside with Smartply. Has anyone with experience or knowledge in a similar situation got any comments to add on whether I will have problems further down the road. Please. Thanks
  6. GNRi Train Tickets

    I've often wondered if tickets on ebay claiming to be genuine actually are. Some are in mint condition, un-used and claim to be authentic. Are they replicas?
  7. Fintona Horse Tram

    I sent a selection of photographs over to Fintona library last week and the senior librarian has managed to put together a display and film event to run on Wednesday night. Here is a link to the film, not sure if its been linked here before. http://digitalfilmarchive.net/media/the-last-horsedrawn-tram-in-ireland-1890
  8. Peco Code 75

    Is Peco Code 75 Nickel Silver rail and pointwork seen as the best alternative to hand-building track and pointwork in 00.
  9. Portadown-Dublin

    Was in Dublin this weekend (again) choosing to drive to Portadown and take the train. Got me thinking that I might invest in a little modern Irish passenger stock. Can anyone suggest a nice Irish Rail set on the market that would make an ideal passenger arrangement like the Enterprise?
  10. GNRi 00 Works UG Class 0-6-0

    Having missed the opportunity to buy one of 00 Works' UG Class loco, and the repeated statement from the company that are have no intention of extending their production line, I was wondering if anyone has one, surplus to requirements for sale. If so, please PM. Thanks
  11. Omagh Goods Yard

    After many months of thought I've finally placed an order on a 10'x6' garden shed from a very reputable builder who specialises in quality sheds using good quality materials and techniques. This will take 6-8 weeks for delivery and installation. I'll be then adding my own 'touch' to it with insulated flooring and side walls before I make it ready for what is hoped to be my modelling aim, creating the Goods Yard at Omagh. Theres a definite plan of work ahead and a lot of scratch built stock to work on so hopefully many winters evenings will be passed there.
  12. Model Railway Exhibition & Collectors Fair Cathedral Hall Enniskillen Saturday 30 September 10am-5pm An amazing display of model railway layouts including Diecast Collectors Models, Scenic Materials, Plastic Construction Kits and all sorts of modelling assessors available from traders on the day. I have been asked to attend by the organisers as they are bringing a model of Omagh GNRi station along that I built some 25years ago.
  13. Scratchbuilding GNRi Wagons

    I would like to open a thread for anyone interesting in pooling their knowledge and expertise in scratch building GNRi wagons. I'm keen to build a selection of these and I am sure there is a wealth of expertise, interest and resources.
  14. Permanent Way Weed Sprayer at Omagh

    Nice to have finally got a lovely picture of the Permanent Way Weed Sprayer at Omagh. Will have to look at GNRi Wagon book (Diagram 55) for details - another scratch building project to prepare for.
  15. Omagh Station Buildings

    Does anyone have access to the archives at IRRS in Dublin. Would be interesting to know if architects drawings are available for Omagh GNRi station. I've spent a lot of time extracting information from over 100 photographs but one last shot at finding the actual drawings would be great. I have the engineers track plans and building plans but some areas of the elevations are difficult, without photographs of every corner.

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