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  1. GNRi/UTA Coaches in N

    Taking a break from this forum....... back soon in N
  2. GNRi/UTA Coaches in N

    Mike0, this was quite a challenge and your results are Excellent.
  3. GNRi/UTA Coaches in N

    JB, that was a very informative response. Thanks for taking the time to do so and I do appreciate you having a look on line. 00 gauge in the space I have would mean short sidings, short goods trains and sacrifices at every corner. To be honest, modelling Irish can be difficult enough without running into space problems. I'm thinking seriously about this. Are there any other N-gauge Irish models around?
  4. GNRi/UTA Coaches in N

    Noel, good question! A few weeks ago I set out my proposed layout on the makings of a 10x6 sheet of birch ply. I set out my curves and three lines of track work as a basis for my track plan. Without losing too much working space in the centre of the layout, it was almost impossible to get in all the components I wanted, especially a turntable and engine shed which was situated on the line out of Omagh towards Dungannon. If working in 00 in my shed is going to mean big sacrifices - no continuous running, no turntable and limited sidings well I have to consider N-gauge. Its not ideal but I hope to visit a local model shop this weekend to handle the N-gauge stock just to give myself an idea of what size it is in relation to 00. To be realistic about it, if I have to move to N to get everything I need down, thats the way I will go. Any advice?
  5. GNRi/UTA Coaches in N

    I must admit I know little, or nothing about GNRi coaching stock. Is anyone aware of any N-gauge coaches that are available RTR that are similar to GNRi and UTA stock pre-closure. I would appreciate any info.
  6. Bread Containers

    Heirflick, just a little progress tonight. Managed to prime the Hornby RTR shell wagon thats pretty close and fit levers to the weedsprayer. Delicate work with lots of eye strain
  7. Bread Containers

    The start of work on the GNRi weed spraying wagon with brass w-irons, whitemetal axleboxes and single brake shoe in place. Ready to take the whitemetal lever.
  8. Baseboards

    Rich, Sorry, my posting does seem rather unusual. My apologies. I have the original track plan, I have the many sketches. I know where I want the plan to go and how to achieve it. There are several aspect to Omagh. The general station area, the sidings at the North cabin, the Engine Shed and turntable and the Goods Yard. These will feature around a circuit of track work so rather than an end to end. At either end I have a bridge, so as trains pass under either the bridge on the Derry Road or bridge on the Portadown bound line this gives me the scenic break to run trains out of sight and into the return loop. Yes, it was a poorly worded post with an equally poor response!
  9. Baseboards

    Rich, you haven’t been reading my previous posts where I discuss the baseboard size, have you? Also, it’s never been a secret that I am modelling Omagh. Armed with the original GNRi engineers drawing I will be arranging this vast station area around the baseboards that I have specified above. Does this look like I don’t know what I’m doing? I have sketched and scribbled for months and have several ideas in mind, when the baseboards are in place it will be so much easier to arrange these ideas around the space. so if anything takes the biscuit it is a hasty response from you my friend. TonyMcGartland (Logged Out)
  10. Baseboards

    Thanks for the pointers. Looking at 8x4x 9mm birch ply I am thinking along the lines of 8no. 700mm x 350mm wide sections, giving me a total of 2100 x 1400 x 350mm wide. I plan on running 00 on this layout size, is it adequate, I think it’s pretty good. Finally, I don’t plan on exhibiting, the sections allow me to build at work and drive home
  11. Baseboards

    Got a quiet spot this morning to start cutting the legs for my baseboards on the panel saw. I’m taking the unusual step of making the baseboards before the actual track plan. It means I can work with the available space and set limits of layout size and work space in the shed.
  12. Bread Containers

    Heres the same bread container and conflat with the BR brake lever removed and replaced with a white metal single brake lever.
  13. Hi Gerry,

    I'm thinking seriously about N-gauge now that I have my shed organised.

    Are there any Irish RTR models available at all?




    1. Irishrailwayman


      No rtr Irish that I am aware of but Shapeways do produce the bodies for 141/181/A/C/071/201 locomotives. These would need to be prepared, painted, decals added and fitted with an appropriate Graham Farish motorised chassis. Studio Scale Models do the 2mm CIE transfers. Many UK outline wagons could be repainted and passenger carriages (MK2/3) from GF fitted with vinyl sides to give a variety of Irish liveries. Building kits from Alphagraphix could colour photocopied at 50% reduction and cut out to give Irish buildings. In 2 mm not every detail needs to be perfect but the overall result would be well worth the effort!

  14. IRM Tours

    JB, I would probably wait until there something to see first! Today sees the finish of the landscaping around the shed while inside I have started to scratch build my wagons. I'm in no hurry to either build baseboards yet or lay track, that come in January I think.
  15. IRM Tours

    If you’re ever in the Omagh area anyone on this forum is welcome to visit for a cup if tea and tour of the new garden shed, home of everything Irish GNRi.

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