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  1. Omagh GNRi Station

    I printed the full size 00 gauge plan from RailwayModeller Pro tonight and it took ages. If I were to glue all the pages together and lay them out on the floor I may be able to redesign to run it around the walls, however its an enormous plan.
  2. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    This picture at Omagh shows the broad gauge head-on, you can see why it is visually much better looking than 00.
  3. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    I often thought about a simple board 1.5m x 300mm, with a length of track and one siding built in 21mm and used as a test track to get you started.
  4. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    jhb, I have to take my hat off to you, it's a great idea. The argument for modelling 21mm and not 16.5mm is as valid as re-painting British outline wagons and slapping a G N transfer on the side.
  5. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    JhB, I was in the same boat some time during the year and although it always sounds like a pleasing challenge, I found it difficult in every way. This is my personal opinion and I wouldn't want to put you off. If you really want to explore it I have a few items that I will gladly give you without any cost. I bought some track work and sleepers off the S4 Society shop when I joined and I bought them as a sample just to see what lay ahead of me. Just some fine scale track, sleepers and 21mm gauge. They are sill in the original cardboard tubing, free to a good home. If you want them, PM a postal address. If not, theres no harm done.
  6. Omagh GNRi Station

    The almost complete station using Railmodeller Pro.
  7. Omagh GNRi Station

    Jhb, I have the option of running a board across to do a continuous run however I want to work with the plans and available space to see what works best. I am hoping to build in 00 gauge, however N gauge may be an option. At the top end of the baseboards I have yet to place two small triangular sections it to ease ease the track around the curves. I won't do that until I organise securing the baseboards to the frames below and start some serious layout design.
  8. Omagh GNRi Station

    Thanks Noel, here's the start of my track plan using your old favourite 'Railmodeller Pro' - great piece of software for the Mac. I am tracing out the parts onto an engineers drawing of Omagh and then making the changes to make it workable in the space I have.
  9. Omagh GNRi Station

    Things are starting to take shape. Framing almost complete complete. 9mm ply sitting loose on the 60x20mm baseboards. Have to mark out layout drawing full size on boards and then cut and elevate the ply to form the embankments and trackbed over the roadway. They are deliberately narrow (350mm wide) baseboards as that is enough to run double track and sidings, it also leaves me with space in between to set up worktable and move freely.
  10. Omagh GNRi Station

    After a break, taking time to re-focus, I have now almost completed installing the NEW framework and baseboards for my layout. The layout concentrates on the Derry Road and its connection to the Enniskillen line. The previous structure was removed and replaced with a framework that gives me two options, an end-to-end U- shaped layout measuring 350mm wide around three sides 2900mm x 1650 with the option of adding an additional unit, at a later date, to complete a circuit and give continuous running. This 00 gauge layout is a major rethink on Omagh maintaining the core layout of the station but using some modellers 'licence' to allow things to work. The framework also provides good storage space below. The fixed framework is 44x32mm with separate modular 9mm ply modular baseboard tops measuring 750x350mm. Photographs will follow, once all the carpentry work is complete.
  11. N gauge point control

    Peter, I had excellent results using curtain wire (the white plastic coated flexible type used for net curtains) and fine brass wire running up the inside of it. The wire was turned at 90degrees up through a hole in the baseboard and through the centre of the tie-bar. At the other end it came out to the front of the baseboards when I pushed and pulled them to open and close the point. Worked well using small bell wire clips to fix it to the underside of the baseboard.
  12. Omagh GNRi Station

    After one full year of teasing ideas around on this forum today I finally started setting up my baseboards for my model of Omagh GNRi Station in N gauge. I have installed a baseboard measuring 2100mm x 800mm giving me a compact baseboard with lots to offer in this smaller scale. The sketches look good and after weeks of thought I have moved its progress over to the N-Gauge forum.
  13. GNRi/UTA Coaches in N

    Taking a break from this forum....... back soon in N
  14. GNRi/UTA Coaches in N

    Mike0, this was quite a challenge and your results are Excellent.
  15. GNRi/UTA Coaches in N

    JB, that was a very informative response. Thanks for taking the time to do so and I do appreciate you having a look on line. 00 gauge in the space I have would mean short sidings, short goods trains and sacrifices at every corner. To be honest, modelling Irish can be difficult enough without running into space problems. I'm thinking seriously about this. Are there any other N-gauge Irish models around?

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