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SFX Sound Capsules


Would anyone interested in sound fitted locos have any thoughts on the pros/cons of these SFX Sound Capsules. I know some Railroad models come with a basic sound chip which has greatly lowered the cost but these seem to be a simple and cheap option for some in the hobby? I see that Marks Models stock some of them.



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Not a bad idea if your not overly concerned about sound, it is cheaper than a sound chip.


Drawbacks would be, doesn't sound great, you would have to put a wagon or coach with all your engines to have sound, it's on all the time and to switch it off you would have to open the unit its in n pop the battery, all your engines types would sound the same, its motion detection response is slow, you cant change the sounds....


I would save the money one would spend on this, add to it, and buy a DCC sound chip. I think its worth it in the long run...



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