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071 fleet overhaul updates.

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52 minutes ago, Railer said:

Basically, yes all the block 1 201s are being used for parts. 

Thanks for info.  Does that suggest the 071 class service lifespan could be longer than envisaged a decade ago?  It's so impressive to see how these locos are overhauled like almost like new. Was there any substance to the rumour some of the older 201s were at one stage in the past considered for replacement power units, more suitable for lower freight track speeds?

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A decade ago it was decided to store and mothball 6 071s in the worst condition to keep a fleet of 12 going. At that time 077, 078 and 087 were withdrawn from service for many years, these would were 3 of the 6 to be withdrawn which thankfully never fully happened.. 087 was basically stripped to a shell. 

In 2012 the plan was changed, that all 18 would be kept in service and received this major overhaul that is ongoing.

230 will supposedly (And maybe 225) be used as a test bed for a new power unit for the 201 class. 225 was to be used as parts too but plans changed few years ago and the rebuilding/repair work and body overhaul and painting is now complete on it. It's waiting parts and mods for return to service next year.

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