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David Holman

Analogue sound

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On both Fintonagh and Arigna Town, I've long fancied having a push button diesel horn & steam whistle, just to add the extra dimension of calling the signalman to change the points for running round.

 Seems nobody does one, unless it involves DCC sound chips and I do not want to go along that route. 

 Mylocosound used to do something, but were expensive and seem no longer available. Maplins once did a rather cheap and nasty sound kit, but they have gone to the wall too.

Any ideas?

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Hi David

These guys do a unit for just under £200.00


Kato unit;-


A dcc sound card, speaker, and a simple dcc controller would cost you around the same amount- wire it up and stick it in a mdf box and away you go!

Another option is in the audio device systems, one can buy a small audio recorder like an mp3 player- they come with buttons for looping and playing sound files that one loads up from your computer.

There are also apps for mobile phones for doing this, allied with a bluetooth speaker you could have a Rocking Railway Sound System- RRSS!!



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 My LocoSound have ceased to manufacture small scale sound cards, the majority of production was sold in the UK and its no longer to supply to that market apparently  response to Brexit http://www.mylocosound.com/mylocosound_018.htm.

Phoenix Sound Systems and My LocoSound continue to manufacture sound modules for the large scale market, both do steam and diesel sounds with UK whistles, Phoenix also do a thunderstorm module complete with lightning😁

A sound module with a fixed speaker or speakers & electronic chuff might do the trick with surround sound on a small layout like Arigna Town or Fintonagh

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