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Out with the old Delaware & Hudson layout in with the new!

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Last weekend I finally bit the bullet and lifted the track on the old Binghampton modules and started work on the new L shaped layout.


The Old. Yard throat and downtown modules. The fact that I never detailed the twin bridges in the middle is a good sign that something was not quite right!

The blue spigot and socket arrangements are DCC concepts baseboard alignment dowels.


Baseboard framing was 16mm ply all joints were initially pinned and glued. Stripwood reinfocement added after 15 years!. Baseboard top 3/8" ply salvaged from a 21mm gauge layout started around 1984-5 but abandoned when I moved to the UK in 86!

Layout was originally wired for cab control converted to DCC c 2001, point motors are Seep with microswitches to actuate Peco-electrofrog points, control was by Triang/Hornby levers. System basically operated reliably with problems.


Mock up of eastern side of town. Staging tracks in background behind buildings industry tracks interchange with another railroad in foreground. Foam ground sheet material as track underlay.

Baseboards are from a 21mm dock layout I started building about 6 years ago, space was too tight for 4mm and made mistake of spacing parallel tracks too close with side swiping problem on 3' radius curves.


Mock up of CBD area!  Baseboard edge is in front of foreground buildings. I did not have space for most of the foreground buildings and the loco shed on the last layout. Most of the buildings were bought/assembled a long long time ago. Loco shed mid 1980s and has not been used on a layout.


The design evolves!

T/ IMG_3330.thumb.JPG.3a20c657fc801a94b62890f2023f42a5.JPG

The interchange has morphed into a variant on the Timesaver switching puzzle that can be operated independently or as part of a larger layout.


The yard has a short run round long enough for 4 cars and 4 industries to switch including including a coal depot (elevator), warehouse, grain elevator and interchange track. The coal depot is reached by a back shunt to make itvthat little bit awkward to switch.


There is enough room behind the buildings/scenic break for a 3 road staging yard each road long enough for 10 cars and a pair of locos. 

Downtown area.


This section is more tricky on an L shaped board. The track layout is basically a main and run round track, 2 road loco depot with turntable and 2 industry and a mileage track. The basic Idea was that a train arriving from the staging  would propel back to the yard on the east side of town to pick up or set out cars, return to the loco depot for servicing before departing for the staging as the return service, with a separate switching job to switch local industries and work between the two yards.



There has been some shuffling about of buildings, but I feel the original arrangement with the CBD buildings in the foreground and industry/loco depot in the background works better visually, though I will probably place the foreground buildings on a removable sub-base to avoid damage during normal operation/switching. 

The railroad is set in upstate New York/New England paper milling and timber processing, metallic and non-metallic mining were important rail served industries, while potatoes (Sate of Maine reefers) and bulk and bottled milk for New York and Boston were significant traffic up to the 1960s

Although the layout has to fit in to a restricted space in a bookcase, I am thinking of making a pair of removable sections to turn the layout into a dogbone continuous run to take to exhibitions.

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